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    Offered for sale is a bronze grade DRL Sports Badge stickpin Maker marked to the reverse Wernstein Jena. Bought from Regimentals some years ago and in very good overall condition. Badge measures 15 mm approximately overall at its widest point and the pin is 6 cm long. Free UK postage, overseas at relevant rate. Payment Paypal Friends and Family please. Simon.


  2. Paul. Many thanks for that, will see what I can find. Egyptian has also been suggested so my hunt continues! Simon.
  3. Looks to be of a type commonly referred to as a Midshipmans Dirk for Naval Service and can be quite valuable depending on age and attribution, are there any marks on the blade or indication of where it was made? Simon.
  4. Found this crudely cast metal badge or plaque and having shown it on another Forum, it was suggested that it may be related to Turkish Military Forces during World War One. Obviously there are no fittings to the reverse so could be unfinished or not Military at all. Any suggestions welcome. Best regards Simon.
  5. Wessel. If I have my conversion rates correct that works out to about £9.50 GBP? Not sure how rare they are for SA but over here in GB they are fairly common and I would be happy to pay that for an original particularly if it had a bar. Regards Simon.
  6. This is what is known as a Company Bunting which, certainly in the Coldstream Guards would be posted outside the Company Office and would be the responsibility of the Company Clerk. As this example has the 'II' in the centre it would, I believe refer to Number 2 Company of a particular Foot Guards Battalion. The plume of feathers is an ancient symbol and is used by many Units, not only those with a Welsh connection. These small flags are seen on occasion and are carried by the Colour Markers on Parades such as Trooping the Colour. They are also frequently seen on Company Photogr
  7. Nice set and a great find, the Control Commission Germany badges could well fit with the group although the Staffordshire Badge appears to have a Victorian Crown and so may be unrelated, Regards Simon.
  8. If you could supply full names and rough dates of service then we should be able to establish some details of where your relations served and hopefully make a link with the badge shown. Simon.
  9. Hello and welcome to the Forum. Only my opinion and many others will have a different one but I would leave it as it is, part of the history of the medal for me. If I may enquire what was your 2nd Great Uncle's Unit, any idea of the whereabouts of his other medals. Regards Simon. Cancel my request, I have just read your other post and discovered the Unit in question, thanks. Simon.
  10. Christopher, Take a look at this website, all fake or reproduction depending on your viewpoint. http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/shop-re-enactment-german-ww2-category,781 Go to page five of the weapons section and you'll see a very similar dagger to yours. Regards Simon.
  11. Christopher, I am by no means an expert regarding 3rd Reich daggers however the real examples that I have examined are of a much higher quality than the one shown in both quality of materials used and definition and construction. The hangers (straps) are not a of any pattern I have ever seen and again the quality is just not there. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and again it is only my opinion, as before if you post the images in the relevant German section of the Forum you will get a much more detailed answer, I'm sure. Regards Simon.
  12. Pretty sure your Luftwaffe dagger is a poor fake, post the images in the German section and one of the Experts there will confirm it for you. Simon.
  13. You see old Cabinet cards from many Units with these being worn, you would need to check clothing regulations for exact details. From what can be seen in the images the buckle looks to be real to me although they are not uncommon. Regards Simon.
  14. Victorian general service belt and buckle although the belt is missing two sliders which would push up against the buckle to keep it in place. Simon.
  15. Christopher, You have a modern Helmet for probably a Drummer or Musician serving with the Princess of Wale's Royal Regiment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_of_Wales's_Royal_Regiment From the images the top cruciform device and spike do not appear to be very well secured to the helmet and without looking at it I could not say if it was a genuine example or made up from parts. Simon Apologies Peter, obviously posted replies at the same time. Simon.
  16. Duncan, Afraid I can't help regarding the VX prefix however for South African research try rhino.research@icon.co.za or dewald@nelantiques.co.za. Regards Simon.
  17. Asil Sorry for the late reply, there is an online list somewhere which I can't find at the moment, When I get time I'll try to find it and post a link here for you. Simon. Didn't take me long in the end, here is the link http://armyservicenumbers.blogspot.com/2010/01/army-number-prefixes.html Regards Simon.
  18. A very nice find indeed and it would be nice to be able to link the two Recipients as family Members. The 1911 Census is available online and it may be worth your while trying to find George Joseph Smith there and hopefully tracing a link between the two. Thanks for showing but be careful, you may get bitten by the British Medal collecting bug! Regards Simon.
  19. I am no expert on this subject but if this was an issued prismatic compass I would expect to see the Broad Arrow War Office mark on it somewhere, (normally on the base). The issued examples I have seen do not have the green NESW letters on them either, however this, could of course, be a privately purchased item. Best regards Simon.
  20. Could well be the action mentioned on this site near the bottom of the page. https://nzhistory.govt.nz/war/south-african-boer-war/guerrilla-war-1901-1902 Simon. And here is a site with a good explanation of the Blockhouses. https://bwm.org.au/blockhouses.php
  21. Can't tell from the images but is the painting signed by an Artist anywhere, may be possible to identify the title of the work in question from that. Regards Simon.
  22. Alan, Welcome to the Forum, I would agree with Tony and if they were mine I would leave them as they are, including any old or damaged ribbons, to my mind this adds to the history of the Medals and Man or Woman behind them. The only consideration to bear in mind would be severe corrosion to silver medals in which case I would then probably try to get it cleaned of. However, this is only my view and many collectors do like to clean them. Again as Tony said they're yours now so up to you. Enjoy the Forum and best regards Simon.
  23. Alan, A very historical Police Medal, thanks for posting, look forward to seeing more of your collection. Best regards Simon.
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