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    1. A little background information for you. https://militaryhealth.bmj.com/content/jramc/51/4/265.full.pdf Regards, Simon.
    2. Thanks Bill, Had a quick search through DNW's online previous Lots record but couldn't find them, will have a better search after work. Simon.
    3. Exceptionally nice group, case and photograph, any ideas where his full size group now resides? Thanks for showing us. Regards, Simon.
    4. Do not recognize the colours, what type of buckle does the belt have, could you show it please, may assist in identification. Regards, Simon.
    5. From what I've experienced on other Forums the issue with highlighting what makes a certain item a reproduction or fake is the fact that the makers of these items have access to this same information and could then take steps to improve their practices and so make identification of original versus reproductions almost impossible. A photographic database of known fakes and reproductions as on certain threads within The British Badge Forum may be the way to go to enable Collectors to compare their items to but once again it really comes down to Collectors acquiring knowledge via books, online resources and Forums and fellow collectors. All part of the fun of collecting I suppose. Simon.
    6. My understanding is that the '999' affixed to these plates were designed for the Collector market on genuine plates however I'm sure Dave will know whether this is correct or not. Regards, Simon.
    7. Assuming his DSO was awarded for service in the Boer War he will hopefully be listed here https://www.angloboerwar.com/medals-and-awards/british/1884-distinguished-service-order You may wish to go through these looking at any Light Infantry Regiment recipients and hopefully find a match and confirm his identity. Regards, Simon.
    8. Keith, A bit late I'm afraid but I believe the medals represented are The Distinguished Service Order, Queens South Africa Medal with five bars and The King's South Africa Medal with the usual two bars. Regards, Simon.
    9. Lovely example and made all the more special with your Father's connection and history. Thanks for showing us all. Simon.
    10. As you say, not a clear image of the buttons, so it may not be possible to take this much further, however if you have the full name and any service number or Regiment details available of the Man you believe this to be it may be possible to trace which Units he served in. Regards, Simon.
    11. Cathy, Difficult to give you an exact identification but probably serving with one of the Rifle Volunteer Regiments popular in Great Britain during the late Victorian era, a clear, close up of the buttons being worn will probably give us the best chance of a positive identification. Simon
    12. My pleasure, good luck with your research and look forward to hearing more. Regards, Simon.
    13. Graf, Hopefully this link will work https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_fn=patrick&_ln=humphreys&discoveryCustomSearch=true&_cr1=ADM+196&_col=200&_dt=RN&_hb=tna Regards, Simon
    14. Late to this one but the white M U is related to the UK Mothers Union Organization. https://www.mothersunion.org/ Simon
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