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Recipients of Order of the Hero of Socialist Labour

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One name not found in the list and one more mix up with the year.
New name FRANC OMAN (1920-1986), awarded in 1986.
According to this ANTE JURJEVIĆ was also awarded in 1986, not 1976. Same issue as with Ivan Ribar - 10 years difference.

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Mr. Acović published list of recipients in his book "Glory and Honor - Decorations among Serbs, Serbs among Decorations" (original title "Слава и част, одликовања међу Србима - Срби међу одликовањима"). After comparing it with yours I noticed they do not match completely. Both lists consist of 121 names plus one organization (People's Youth of Yugoslavia) and one city (Skoplje) but each contains 4 different names.

Your list doesn't include:
-Božićević, Ivan (1979)
-Mićunović, Veljko (1981)
-Oman, Franc (1986) 
-Crvenkoski Krste (1969)

Mr. Acović's list doesn't include:
-Ceaușescu, Nicolae (1978)
-Jovanović, Božin (????)
-Sirotanović, Alija (????)
-Šukrija, Ali (1985)

Franc Oman, Nicolae Ceaușescu and Ali Šukrija are definitely recipients, I'll see if I can dig out something else in the Official Gazette.

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I've been digging up names over the weekend, so far around 60 recipients, no new names. 
Again, both lists consist of 121 names plus one organization and one city, but each contains 4 different names. Let's say 117 are on both lists on top of that we can add those found in the Gazette:
-Franc Oman
-Nicolae Ceaușescu
-Ali Šukrija
-Krste Crvenkovski

So we're back to 121 names (2 double recipients) and it remains to be seen if additional 4 people received the order:
-Ivan Božićević
-Veljko Mićunović
-Božin Jovanović
-Alija Sirotanović

If all of them were awarded then there were 125 individual and 2 collective recipients plus 2 double recipients, in total 129 orders awarded.

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