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  1. Bulgarian First Army badge "to Berlin". This looks like a genuine piece to me but does anyone know more about it. I've read that it was worn on the sleeve. Also, what would a fair price for this one be?
  2. I've tried to take pictures of all three classes together for size comparison but the Great Star always ends up looking bigger because of extra rays although the size is actually the same.
  3. Patience had finally paid off. I've finally acquired the Order for Military Merits with Great Star (1st class). This piece was awarded to a pukovnik (colonel) who later became a general-major. Yugoslavia had 1,180 people with one of the general/admiral ranks including those in reserve.
  4. For years I was just an observer of Finnish awards. I've always liked the Cross of Liberty for its beautiful design and great quality. I've finally got my first 1941 example of the 4th class and now that I finally have it in hands, I have to say it's even more beautiful. Here's my humble contribution to the thread.
  5. Such a nice group of awards. Could you possibly write the names of the medals? All I know is that these are Italian.
  6. Absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for sharing this with the community!
  7. It's a Yugoslav made type produced by IKOM if I'm not mistaken.
  8. I see nothing wrong with this medal but since it's not my area, I'd like to know your opinions and possibly more information about the type/number produced etc., if it's real. Thank you in advance!
  9. Amazing collection Paul, thank you very much for sharing!
  10. This time only document to I.R.(born 1920), Major of the Yugoslav Army who was commander of battalion in 3rd Lika Proletarian Shock Brigade of the 6th Lika Proletarian Division during WW2. As a commander he was wounded in both legs during combat near Požega, Serbia in 1944 after which he was sent to Italy for medical treatment. He wrote that the commander of Division and a People's Hero of Yugoslavia Đoko Jovanić, visited him and other wounded before they were sent to Italy.
  11. It's basically an order of Bulgarian Air Force Battalion which states that German officers are awarded with tsarist aviator badges. I can see that by the number 12 is a 2nd Lieutenant Mayer. I guess there must be more names on the list.
  12. First photo: The Party leads us to Communism Second photo: In commemoration of 22nd Congress of the CPSS (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) Nice plaque!
  13. The link covers cavaliers of Bulgarian Order for Bravery from Russo-Turkish war all the way to WW1 and doesn't actually relate to what I'm looking for but thank you for your time anyways! However, I have found an article about the unit on the site but information is the same and brief as the one I've found on wikipedia. http://www.boiniznamena.com/?action=article&id=37
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