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  1. Another example I got recently with its number and a name of the recipient written on the bottom of the box. The suspension of the order is of Soviet production. Unfortunately, the document is missing. The recipient was a very elite diverzant (saboteur) who became a general-major after the war. The order itself The box
  2. A very nice set I got in the beginning of this year. It was awarded to rezervni zastavnik (reserve sergeant) in 1949. During the war he was a fighter of the First Lika Partisan Deatchment "Velebit" and later in the 6th Lika Division. Both his name and the number of the order are written on the top of the box, plus there's also a number of the order written on the bottom of the box. The order itself The document The box
  3. Thank you both for your quick answers! After further inspection, I've found another hallmark which was hiding under the connection ring. It appears to be a crown.
  4. I got this Knight and it seems to have 813H hallmark on the ring and also AT hallmark if I'm reading it right. Is it possible to tell the year or anything more by those hallmarks?
  5. I've got another one of these documents and this one is in a much better condition than the previous one although it has clearly been folded before. This one was also given to a soldier of the 1st Dalmatian Brigade and he was 22-23 years old during the battle. I found his name mentioned in one of the books about his brigade and it states that he secured the evacuation of a group of partisans with many wounded from Korčula island to Hvar island in the late 1944. He was an assistant of the commisar of company at the time.
  6. Congratulations on your newest addition! I really like the map.
  7. Check out this website: https://sovietorders.com/our-services/researching-soviet-awards/ Igor makes incredible research, I highly recommend him!
  8. Well done! This is exactly why I collect, I'm always looking for more info about the people behind the items. Sometimes the patience and research pays off, sometimes it doesn't but it's definitely an amazing journey.
  9. Another spomenica (25,2##) added to my collection and this one belonged to a woman but I haven't found anything about her unfortunately. Only 3,344 women got spomenica.
  10. A little update about the recipient of this Spomenica. He was born in Split, Croatia in 1920 and was an illegal worker for the partisan movement in his hometown. He was a member of the Communist Youth of Yugoslavia from 1936 and was imprisoned by both Kingdom of Yugoslavia authorities in 1938 and by Italian occupation forces in 1942 and he spent 3 months in prison. He was a commisar of company in Split Partisan Detachment, a commisar of company in 1st Dalmatian Brigade and finally a commisar of battalion in 8th Dalmatian (Šibenik) Brigade. His final rank in the army before the retirement was l
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