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  1. The link covers cavaliers of Bulgarian Order for Bravery from Russo-Turkish war all the way to WW1 and doesn't actually relate to what I'm looking for but thank you for your time anyways! However, I have found an article about the unit on the site but information is the same and brief as the one I've found on wikipedia. http://www.boiniznamena.com/?action=article&id=37
  2. Early post-war, low numbered example made by ZIN. I don't like the fact that it has been cleaned but that's just my opinion.
  3. I've managed to get my own example of this medal. It belonged to Ilcho Gochev Tonev. I've also got a document from his unit 12th Infantry Balkan Regiment. The document states that Ilcho had participated in operations of 1st Bulgarian Army against Germany from November 21st 1944 until June 15th 1945.
  4. It's been almost twelve years since the last reply. I can hardly believe that there hasn't been any additions to this thread since then. I found interest in this medal lately and I would kindly ask members to contribute with images of their examples if possible.
  5. I am looking for information on Bulgarian 12th Infantry Balkan Regiment/Дванадесети пехотен балкански полк from the period of Bulgarian coup d'etat until the end of the Second World War. I've found some information on Bulgarian wikipedia but only a few sentences. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  6. The Order of Leon (Abkhazia) and the Grand Order of King Petar Krešimir IV (Croatia)
  7. Don't bother, it probably just looks like any central European town to me. Thank you for your trouble!
  8. Very interesting photos, thank you again for sharing them! Do you happen to know where the photo was taken? It looks a bit familiar to me.
  9. This detail with edelweiss on the pickelhaube looks absolutely amazing. Thank you very much for sharing the photos!
  10. The price with buyers premium is 62,500$. The collection stays in the States and luckily, the buyer said that he will not separate the group.
  11. Awesome list! It's interesting to see English names transcribed in Russian and how the Russians wrote their names how they've heard them.
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