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  1. Hello Vladimir! You might get a quicker response if you post this in "Southern European & Balkan States" section of the forum. Here's the link: https://gmic.co.uk/forum/195-southern-european-balkan-states/
  2. Very interesting insight Valter! What do you think about silk? I have an old cutlery box with silk lining where I keep some of my medals. The box seems like it's made of thin sheets of wood or maybe even hard cardboard.
  3. Absolutely amazing! Do you have any idea on why the award is so damaged? Possibly a ground find?
  4. It was displayed during the exhibition Decorations from the Legacies of the Historical Archives of Belgrade. Here's the link which can be found on the thread posted by Paja: https://www.arhiv-beograda.org/en/izlozba-odlikovanja
  5. Can anyone identify this hat badge? From which country is it? I honestly don't know where to post it so I choose this section.
  6. The newest photo I've found on the internet. Mihajlo Apostolski wearing his Suvorov 2nd class.
  7. It says "белгиску држављанку" which means "the Belgian citizen". Unfortunately, there isn't anything on the document that indicates for which merits was she awarded.
  8. Those that are currently offered on ebay are all 3rd classes and I don't see any 2nd class of this early type for sale. Those early 3rd classes are cheap and would be in the entry level collector's range. The early 2nd classes aren't that cheap but they also aren't too expensive either but they aren't that easy to find.
  9. Unfortunately no. Until recently I thought they were, even though they don't have any silver hallmarks but a fellow forum member pointed out to me that these aren't in fact made of silver. Here's another early second class of this order posted by Paja, numbered #411.
  10. I decided to create this topic to share my early Order of Labour 2nd class, a rare screwback version with a low number. I hope to turn this topic into a small forum database of this order (only screwback versions) since these are getting harder and harder to find so if you have one and if you're willing to share it with the community, feel free to post some pictures. Also, what's the highest number you've seen on these? The highest I've seen was in a #1,6XX range. Here's my boxed example numbered #462. It came in a group of the holder of the Partisan Remembrance Award 1941 but sadly, the document for the Order of Labour 2nd class is missing. The good thing is that the box is numbered.
  11. Milutin Morača (on the left) wearing his Kutuzov 2nd class. He is general-major on this photo unlike the quoted one when he was a pukovnik (colonel).
  12. Here's another photo of Peko Dapčević (on the right) wearing his Suvorov 2nd class.
  13. I'd like to update the list of recipients since I've found more names as well as dates and ranks for most of them at the time they got the award. Order of Kutuzov 1st class: 1. Bakarić Vladimir (15.10.1945.) 2. Čolaković Rodoljub (15.10.1945.) 3. general-lajtnant Dapčević Peko (15.10.1945.) 4. general-lajtnant Đilas Milovan (5.9.1944.) 5. Hebrang Andrija (15.10.1945.) 6. general-lajtnant Jovanović Arso (5.9.1944.) 7. Jovanović Blažo (15.10.1945.) 8. Kidrič Boris (15.10.1945.) 9. Kovačević Sava (posthumously) 10. general-lajtnant Milutinović Ivan (5.9.1944.) 11. Nešković Blagoje (15.10.1945.) 12. Pucar Đuro (15.10.1945.) 13. general-lajtnant Ranković Aleksandar (5.9.1944.) 14. general-major Vukmanović Svetozar (5.9.1944.) 15. general-lajtnant Žujović Sreten (5.9.1944.) Order of Kutuzov 2nd class: (pukovnik=colonel) 1. general-major Ambrožič Lado (5.9.1944.) 2. pukovnik Ćetković Vlado (5.9.1944.) 3. pukovnik Danilović Uglješa (15.10.1945.) 4. general-major Drapšin Petar (5.9.1944.) 5. general-major Đurić Ljubodrag (15.10.1945.) 6. pukovnik Jakšić Pavle (5.9.1944.) 7. pukovnik Jovanić Đoko (5.9.1944.) 8. pukovnik Jovanović Vaso (5.9.1944.) 9. pukovnik Kovačić Veljko (5.9.1944.) 10. general-major Danilo Lekić (5.9.1944.) 11. general-major Maček Ivan (15.10.1945.) 12. general-major Matetić Vlado (5.9.1944.) 13. pukovnik Morača Milutin (5.9.1944.) 14. general-lajtnant Nađ Kosta (5.9.1944.) 15. general-lajtnant Orović Savo (15.10.1945.) 16. pukovnik Pecotić Bogdan (15.10.1945.) 17. pukovnik Peričin Marko (5.9.1944.) 18. general-major Pirc Franc (15.10.1945.) 19. general-major Rodić Slavko (5.9.1944.) 20. pukovnik Stefanović Svetoslav (15.10.1945.) 21. general-major Šegrt Vlado (5.9.1944.) 22. pukovnik Todorović Vojo (15.10.1945.) 23. pukovnik Urošević Sredoje (15.10.1945.)
  14. After some time, I'd like to update the list since I've found two more names and dates for the second class, plus an additional nine recipients of the third class. I've changed the format of the list which includes the recipients rank at the time he got the award. Order of Suvorov 1st class: 1. maršal Broz Josip (5.9.1944.) 2. general armije Gošnjak Ivan (20.6.1956.) 3. general-lajtnant Jovanović Arso (15.10.1945.) 4. general-lajtnant Popović Koča (15.10.1945.) general-lajtnant Ranković Aleksandar (15.10.1945.) Order of Suvorov 2nd class: 1. general-major Apostolski Mihajlo (5.9.1944.) 2. general-lajtnant Dapčević Peko (5.9.1944.) 3. general-lajtnant Gošnjak Ivan (5.9.1944.) 4. general-lajtnant Nađ Kosta (15.10.1945.) 5. general-major Obradović Branko (15.10.1945.) 6. general-lajtnant Popović Koča (5.9.1944.) 7. general-major Rozman Franc (5.9.1944.) 8. general-lajtnant Terzić Velimir (5.9.1944.) 9. general-major Vukotić Jovan (15.10.1945.) Order of Suvorov 3rd class: (pukovnik=colonel, potpukovnik=lieutenant colonel) 1. pukovnik Baće Maks (15.10.1945.) 2. pukovnik Đurić Momčilo (15.10.1945.) 3. pukovnik Ivanović Miladin (15.10.1945.) 4. pukovnik Jovanović Radivoje (15.10.1945.) 5. potpukovnik Komnenović Danilo (15.10.1945.) 6. pukovnik Penezić Slobodan (15.10.1945.) 7. pukovnik Popović Vujadin (15.10.1945.) 8. pukovnik Uzunovski Cvetko (15.10.1945.) 9. pukovnik Vidović Žarko (15.10.1945.)
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