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  1. Sorry the group isn't mine. I've taken the photos from a facebook site from a person who was selling it. Thank you for the interest in this topic!
  2. Great photo! Too bad there's no writing in the back. I wonder what happened with this guy's medal.
  3. Such a remarkable lot with a great citation for the Bronze Star! Please share the shadow box with us once you make it.
  4. There's a limit of 8MB of files you can post. You've probably tried to upload more than that. Great photos! Please, keep them going. Is there anything written at the back of them?
  5. Thank you for sharing your grandma's history with us! Here's her medals, there are some that I can't identify but I'm sure they are related to association of fighters. 1 - ? 2 - Russian medal for 65 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 3 - 10 years of Yugoslav People's Army 4 - Russian medal for 50 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 5 - This medal was originaly awarded to foreigners in Yugoslav Partisans but it was later given by SUBNOR (association of fighter) so your grandma received it from them 6 - Order of Labour with Silver Wreath (3rd class) 7 - Order for Bravery 8 - Medal for Bravery 9 - ? 10 - Order for Bravery 11 - Order of Republic with Bronze Wreath (3rd class) Is your grandma the one in uniform and medals? If so, she's wearing an Order for Bravery and Medal for Bravery(from left to right). Also, by the insignia, we can tell that she was a political officer in the rank of potporučnik (2nd Lieutenant) if I'm seeing it right.
  6. This medal was established just a few months ago so I guess it will be a bit hard to get it for some time.
  7. Nice addition! This one was awarded to a Lt.Colonel of the financial branch of service.
  8. Incredible bar! Why are there swords on the ribbon bar for Spanish and Morrocan medal if there aren't swords on them in full size.
  9. Actually Croatian uniform during the Independent State of Croatia period.
  10. Really enjoying your posts! Very nice medal and even nicer document with all the graphics.
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