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  1. Interesting ancestry! It's a real shame that his awards aren't together. I'm making a guess but the lower breast star might be Bulgarian Order of Alexander. The one on the top, maybe something Prussian?
  2. Found this photo on the local flea market. Quite an impressive group including a Spomenica, two Orders for Bravery and a Medal for Bravery. Too bad there isn't a name on the back.
  3. I'm really getting addicted to Spomenice with booklets. My latest example belonged to an officer and political commissar in the 1st Dalmatian Proletarian Shock Brigade. He carved his initials (V.K.) on Spomenica's reverse. I've marked the initials with red circles. Judging by the photo in the booklet he was also an Infantry officer of the Yugoslav People's Army with most likely the rank of a Major.
  4. Wrong thread but it's alright. It's hard to say since the photos are poor. If it's real, it most likely isn't an awarded piece since a lot of them come from supplies.
  5. Thanks for the info! Good call on your behalf! The seller must have thought that because France and Germany Star's ribbon looks very similar.
  6. Nice! Is this an attributed group, or just a combination of medals you've collected?
  7. Could you please post a separate thread with photos of all of his awards if it's not a problem to you? I see you've also posted his Finnish Order of White Rose so I think it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to this man.
  8. Thank you very much for sharing this! Is this some kind of a knife in front? Can we see some detailed photos of it?
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