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Croatian War memorial Cross 1992-1995

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Croatian War memorial Cross 1992-1995
The Croatian War Memorial Cross 1992-1995 ( Croatian Ratni spomen križ 1992.-1995 ) was an award of the Croatian Republic of Herceg-Bosna .
Awards to the military service were made in accordance with the "Law on Service in the Armed Forces of the Croatian Republic of Herceg-Bosna", by the "Ordinance on the Award of Orders" ( Pravilnik o dodjeli odličja ). 
The Croatian War Memorial Cross could be awarded to all members of the military forces of the Croatian Republic of Herceg-Bosna, who had made a contribution to the construction of their first "professional" military units (especially the motorized guard brigade " Ante Bruno Bušić ") during the Bosnian war . An award to a non-military personnel was possible, if the award criteria were fulfilled.
A total of 1,050 pieces of all classes of the awards were produced, only 104 of which were awarded. For reasons of quality and better competition, the award was made in Italy .
Table of Contents  
The Cross was awarded in three classes ( stupnja = degree).
The Croatian War Memorial Cross without decoration (1st class)
(500 pieces produced: 21 awarded.)
The Croatian War Memorial Cross with palm branch and sword. (IInd class) 
(500 pieces produced: 50 awarded.)
The Croatian War Memorial Cross with palm branch and sword on star (IIIrd Stage)
(50 pieces produced: 33 awarded)

The First Class shows the basic design of the award, a gold-colored metal cross from Croatian wattle ("Croatian Cross"). On the cross, the coat-of-arms of the Croatian Herceg-Bosna is displayed .
The Second Class shows behind the "Croatian Cross", a crossed  palm branch and a sword.
The Third Class shows the same design as the Second Class, superimposed on a radiating star, similar to the breast star of other countries awards.
On the reverse of all threes classes of the award, in three lines of horizontal engraving is the name of the award “1992-95 / RATNI SPOMEN KRIŽ / HRVATSKE REPUBLIKE HERCEG-BOSNE”, the name of the country awarding the cross, and the respective number of the piece.

$_57 (8).JPG

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I've seen some of theses on a local flea market in Zagreb, Croatia, but I didn't know they were rarely awarded. It seems odd that the one that looks like breast star is the lowest grade and the one that's just a cross is the highest.

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Although this goes against convention, I think that the First Class award is the lowest and the Third Class the highest for this commemorative award.  The numbers made would seem to indicate this.  Although the largest number awarded was the Third Class.  I am aware of one other award where this was the case.  In Germany in WWII the Nahkampfspange (Close Combat Badge) was designated as;

1st Class in Bronze for 15 days; 2nd Class in Silver for 30 days; 3rd Class in Gold for 50 days.  

There is relatively little information available about this commemorative award.  I am still searching for the date of institution and the date it was first awarded.  I have never seen the First class in a case either.  Perhaps it was only presented in a paper packet?  If you ever see a Third Class award for sale please let me know.  One was sold in 2009 but that is the only one I aware of and it is the one pictured in this thread.




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Thank you very much for the info Gordon!

I've only seen first and second class for sale. If I see the third class I'll let you know.

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