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Czechoslovak Awards of the 2nd Resistance

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The photos are not mine,also the certificate with the cross,but I think there is a good place for them in this topic.Notice ,number 142 in 1946.It is helpful with the number of bestowed awards.



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On 18. 8. 2017 at 16:37, nickstrenk said:

2.Czechoslovak Commemorative Medal-Czechoslovak Army Abroad

It was instituted 15.10.1943 in London by the Ministry of National Defence.It was given to Czechoslovak soldiers who served in the foreign units,also foreign soldiers could be awarded with this medal.

It was made from bronze,dimensions 36x48mm.The wreath constitutes this medal with a sword and a siiver lion down.In the reverse is the inscription in the Czech language  Czechoslovak Army Abroad.

There 3 versions of the medal

A, London issue .This medal in the picture is with small bronze labels,which show the places of the battles of Czech and Slovak soldiers:.F-France,VB-Geat Britain.Notice the differences later.



B,Prague issue 1945.The medals have labels-SSSR-the USSR,Střední Východ-Middle East,and again France,Great Britain and abbreviation SV-Middle East.





C,Prague issue 1945-1947.There are some differences,e.g.the lion is screwed with the letter Z-Zineger Firm,and the letters are in the depth.



I am sorry but I do not have the certificate dimesions 21x30cm.I have only the Affirmance 10x20cm to Ján Prna and the Permit 7x11cm for Ján Hanulík.Also I would like to add the photo of all my medals in the etuis.

Snímek 001.jpg

Snímek 002.jpg


The certificate with the medal.Photo is from internet,that helps me sometimes and saves me from taking the pictures.


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