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I was lucky to obtain a small grouping from a brave Uffz. who earned besides the EK 2 and the EK1 the following Honoray Award document "Urkunde "Für Schneidige und Erfolgreiche Patrouillengänge in den Kämpfen vor Ypern" des XXVI RK"

The XXVI RK also issued the following Honours during WWI; 'Ehrenurkunde für Tapferes Verhalten" and the so called "EHrenplakette für Tapferes Verhalten". I wonde rif this is effectively such a "Ehrenurkunde für Tapferes Verhalten" or just another extra award issued by the XXVI RK?

This is only the second such award document that i know (both dated 1916). Does anyone else have such one or can show one?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Chris

Top and thanks for the information!  Could you show yours also in this thread?

I have a grouping from a soldier who did have the "Plaquette" and his entry is also listed as such in the Kriegsstammrolle. When researching his regiment there are some soldiers who only have the "Urkunde" and then there are a few who where awarded the "Plakette".  As such the last one seems to be a higher degree award of some kind.

I am trying to figure things out if the shown award document as such is now indeed the named "Urkunde".

Cordial greetings,

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I love these regimental diplomas. I reckon there is a whole untapped collecting/research area in these awards-" given when one could not get another EK2".  Hitler got one and I have seen a few unofficial private medals to commemorate such diplomas. 

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