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Romanian armored car - What model?

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I found another armoured vehicle. This time, I'm sure this one is Romanian. It's an Austin (possibly modified) called "Mărășești".



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And a little history of the armoured cars in Romania:

The first armored unit in the Romanian army was formed in 1916 and was called the Automobile Group. It had four battle machines (two Peugeot brand and two Renault brand) armed with French machine guns Chatelleraut, 8 mm caliber, and in November 1916 two more armored cars were changed, the name of the unit was changed to the group of cars. The battalion group fought in the offensive of the Romanian Army II in July 1917, in the operations on the Soveja road and in the Grozeşti gorge. In 1917, several Austin and Austin-Putilov vehicles were captured from the Russian defectors, which were used in the 1919 fighting.

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