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Red Star 42359 - OAN cavalier

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I would like to share this interesting, IMHO, research for the Red Star 42359 from my collection.
Please, meet private SEMYON PAVLOVICH PLOKHOTNYUK, born 1919. In service since 15 Nov 1941 on Tikhvin front.
He was a medic bearer in 60 rifle regiment, 65 rifle division, 52 army, Volkhov front. Bestowed Red Star by decree from 30 July 1942 for the actions, that took place at least before 17 March 1942. The commendation doesn't specify specific dates, and it seems to be written collectively for a period, but this is an assumption.


So here goes the citation. Very short.

"While under enemy fire, he evacuated 26 wounded with their arms from the battlefield to the battalion medical point.

Regiment commander signature
Regiment commissar signature"


The veteran was wounded: the original "no wounds" was struck out, and written "wounded".
There is time gap between the commendation date (before 17.03.1942) and the actual decree by Volkhov front command (30 July 1942).

Probably in connection to his hospitalisation and later recovery, the veteran was retrained as a rifle unit leader. This part of the research is not fully done yet (will come later), but the next we see of the veteran is in January 1944. 

On 22 January 1944, St. Lt. PLOKHOTNYUK, the commander of 1 rifle company, 781 rifle regiment, 124 rifle division, Leningrad front is recommended for the "Alersander Nevsky" order. 
The citation reads:

"Becasue Sr.Lt. PLAKHOTNYK on 21 January 1944 was one of the first to break through the enemy defence and successfully chased the retreating enemy and took over the station "Mga". Also his company was one of the first to push the enemy out of the station "Tsnigri" and took control of it.

22 January 1944. Commander of 781 rifle regiment"



The 124 RD commander changed OAN to Red Banner, which was actually an upgrade (ORB was the second highest award, after the order of Lenin.)
But on 29 January 1944, the decree #040/n issued by 67 army bestowed the veteran with "Aleksander Nevsky" order. 
Unfortunately, Sr. Lt. PLOKHOTNYUK fell in the line of duty on 24 of January 1944. It is practically certain his OAN was never issued and his award remained on paper. 


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Thank you for sharing this award.  From medic to officer. Bitbis a great citation and beautiful award. 

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