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Oberst Helmut Friebe

Born: 04 Nov 1894

Died: 14 Jan 1970


Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant


Adjutant XXI.Armeekorps

Kdr Inf.Ers.Rgt 1

Kdr Inf.Rgt 164

Kdr Inf.Rgt 419

Kdr 125.Inf.Division

Kdr 22.Inf.Division/Volksgren.Division

stellv.Kdr LXIV.Armeekorps


RK: 13 Aug 1941

DKiG: 16 Jan 1942




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Here is an earlier example from his personnel file:


While a number of sources, including his 1944 Beurteilung, spell his name with one "L", as you can see by his signature, his given name was Hellmut.

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