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    40 & 8 Medals



    Does anyone have any info about the U.S.A.'s 40 & 8 Medals with bars?


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    Hello ioway1846,
    This section is not for the identification of medals etc.
    Please reenter it under the proper evaluation and identification section.
    If you are a guest then the section would be
    Guests Valuation & Identification Forum, or if you are a member there is a section for that as well.
    You have a better chance of one of the members seeing it if it is in the correct section.

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    Dear Sirs,
    I have recently had my Queen's Messengers Badge Number 131 stolen. I would be most grateful for any information leading to the recovery of this badge.
    Yours sincerely,
    Major James Steele

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    This needs to be posted in another area to get maximum viewing - I'll ask a moderator to re-post for you

    Best of luck in finding. I'm assuming these still give diplomatic immunity to the holders so every security screen is aware that badge 131 is on the "arrest on sight" list.


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    Dear Major Steel - I am most sorry to learn of your loss. Being a collector I had one in my collection at one time - however , it dated back to the 1940's. They are valuable and since you have taken the trouble to contact us, I presume you have notified the auction houses ?

    I will make mention of this on our Lost or stolen Forum. Best wishes in having it located.

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