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  1. Great looking sword George mate and an interesting story, thanks for sharing!
  2. Hi Brian, Many thanks again for your help, it really is greatly appreciated and thank you for your opinion on the 24 stamp. It definitely makes sense. There is no bamboo pin but a screw with nut type arrangement. I've taken a photo but unfortunately it's dark here so please forgive the quality of the photos. Yes there is a corresponding notch in the scabbard to accommodate the spring catch, again please excuse the quality of the photo. I agree with you about the leather field cover, it's a feature that really finishes the sword off. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Brian, Many thanks indeed for replying and I'm pleased I wasn't too far off the mark with my guess :-) You are correct, there is no hamon so it's probably just a standard factory blade. Any significance to the 24 stamp on the scabbard? Thank you again for your help mate! Dave
  4. Hi guys, I was hoping for some help in IDing this Japanese sword. Unfortunately I know virtually nothing about these things but if I had to hazard a guess I reckon it could be a late WWII officers sword, how far off the mark am I? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  5. Thanks for the reply John, I was hoping you would comment on this! Shame about the eagle, it's a nice looking bird Thanks again mate.
  6. Hi guys, What's the opinion on these Assmann Lufty summer tunic eagles now, good or bad? I know there was a lengthy discussion on them a few years back but I can't remember the result? Cheers Dave
  7. Sorry for the thread resurrection but a friend of mine in the States has sent me an interesting military class ring. It's an Operation Desert Storm ring that's engraved inside R.C.-1067, do any of you US military guys and gals know what this means...unit designation?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Dave
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! Sorry it took so long in getting back to you, I thought the thread had died I pretty much thought it was a repro but it cost me nothing, so no harm done. No I don't collect US Police badges although saying that I did get a nice obsolete cap badge the other day, this one is ok though (I hope lol). Thanks again guys!
  9. Hi guys, An antique dealer friend of mine bought in a box full of police memorabilia from around the world the other day and this badge being shiny caught my attention I know absolutely nothing about US police badges but a quick internet search revealed that police badges are reproduced, who knew! The internet search also showed me the most common reproductions have the number 307 and these numbers are intergral to the badge while on the example I have the numbers are seperately attached. The repro badge also has completely different die characteristics to this one too. So, is this badge ok and is it also of an obsolete pattern? Any help would be gratefully received. Dave
  10. Hi guys, Saw this shoulder title at a local medal dealer shop and was wondering if any of you know the meaning of Wrexham No.JIG.T.C.COY? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi guys, I've collected a few of these over the years but this is the first I've had that has it's original box. I don't really collect Masonic jewels but I've always been drawn to the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls 1927 jewel, I suppose for it's military look and it being made from sterling silver. I've come to realise that I know nothing about this jewel or Masonic pieces in general, just what were they "awarded" for and when were they worn and by whom? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Dave
  12. Hi guys, Just wondered if the below Juncker marked Spanish Cross stands any chance of being original? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Dave
  13. 3 more class rings just in. From left to right... Carson High School class of 1981, maufactured by Jostens and made from "Lustrium". Bethany Christian High School class of 1987, unknown maufacturer or material. Sunny Slope High School class of 1989, manufactured by Gold Lance and made of "Trillium". I believe all 3 are made from a jewellers grade stainless steel type metal and Lustrium, Trillium etc are just trademarks.
  14. Well here's "my" ring that I bought on a whim the other day that started my interest and this thread on class rings, not a military ring but a High School example. Class of 1982 and formerly belonging to a one Mike Caudle of Hereford High in Texas, the school's football team is evidently called the Whitefaces and it looks like Mike was proficient at the Tuba. The ring is manufactured by Jonsil and made from "Platrium" which I believe is a nickel silver alloy?
  15. Thank you guys for posting on this most interesting and informative thread! I knew absolutely nothing about class rings before but now it makes me wish we had this tradition over here in the UK, no such luck I'm afraid though. Mervyn: yes I think I might expand the topic to world rings sometime in the future as I would be interested to see what other rings hold significance to people. Thanks to everyone that has posted photos of their rings, every one is stunning and I'm looking forward to seeing plenty more. Keep 'em coming!
  16. Thanks guys for all the info, this is a great thread!! Greg, that is a beautiful ring mate and it looks great at 40 :love:
  17. Many thanks for the replies guys, very interesting reading indeed! I was hoping if you all have time could you possibly post up some photos of your class rings? I'm waiting for a few rings to arrive from the States, so as soon as I have them I will post a couple of pics of my small collection. Couple of questions....Are the rings only offered/available at graduation time and who provides them, is it the school/college itself or does a representative from a ring company visit the school? (although looking at the Jostens and Balfour website I see you can order your school ring online now).
  18. Hi guys, I've only very recently started to collect US High School, College and University class rings after I bought one the other day on a whim. I've found them to be beautifully crafted and great pieces of social history. The metal they can be manufactured from is sometimes a little unusual (Celestrium, Ultrium, Futurium and other metals ending with "rium" ) but I've found the 10 and 14K gold examples to be particularly beautiful. I was wondering if there are any US members that still have and in fact still wear their class ring and what significance if any it has to you? Regards Dave
  19. Thanks Dan, appreciated mate! Well it's going for sale as soon as I work out how much to sell it for :anmatcat:
  20. Hi all, I was hoping to put these Czechoslovakian pilots wings up for sale so I thought I would get them checked over first. I've compared them to other CZ wings and they seem to match, the silvering has worn off the wings (only small remnants remaining) but apart from that they seem to be in excellent condition. Looks to be the same as this one http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/czechoslovakia/pilot/myczechpilot.shtml What do you reckon guys? Cheers Dave
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