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  1. sure Ura87, official type 1, 3 mm thick, US possession coat of arms on reverse. here is the type 2, same as official type 1, 2mm thick , here is the reissue type , same as official, but reverse has commonwealth coat of arms on back. Luzon for service campaign medal that shares the same reverse
  2. one of my favorites, love the suspension with swinging pivoting planchet, william any clues? silver, looks to be italian, named, but need translation. william
  3. french un-official type 2b 46mm dia. 2.4mm thick, shown with ville de montivilliers comm. medal, and standard . also a french gray metal cast. nonferrous, very hard and heavy, lacking deep detail, other odd bronze cast piece with large r where hallmark should be, heavy ball suspension. lackluster detail. william
  4. treaty of versailles table medal 54.8 mm dia, 3.5 thick , japanese origin, designer sato/lidi silver and bronze. obverse flags of allied powers within a wreath. reverse peace, personified by woman holding an olive branch, background view of palace of versailles.
  5. here is your china medal, william china front vic.pdf here is your china medal, william china front vic.pdf
  6. Here are the official pieces Mike, ring variety represented in three different thickness, and a miss hit new Graco broached piece.William Mike, Unofficial, William
  7. Sure Mike, any particular country requests, do have  some varieties of the un-officials,  a very good representation , with  some surprises . I started collecting victories when I was 12 , that was when my preturnal grandpa gave me his US 32nd division medal in 1967. I been a serious collector  all my life. For this convention I made wood displays blocks for all counties,  I'm sorry I do not have a photo for the over all display handy, it did covered over two tables with three cases to show,  let me know what you would like. I will send our country first. William

  8. Hello, Would like to share my victories, enclose are three types. I displayed my collection at the OMSA convention this year, won Silver , and people choice. Silent member for 8 years, William
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