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  1. Hello David, There are numerous close-up pics of official strikes for you to be able to make a direct comparison on the Portuguese Victory Medals sub-thread. In regards a price range, that is a vexing question only limited by what the individual collector is willing to pay to obtain a piece. Everyone's price range and limit will be different. Welcome to the forum. Regards, Rob
  2. Hello Oliver, It is not unusual to see die differences on the reverse planchet of the Pautot-Mattei unofficial variety. Even in the two examples you have illustrated there are very minor die differences on the reverse. It is also not unusual to see the absence of a makers mark and BRONZE on the rim. There is another strike that has the square makers mark of M. Delande with the word BRONZE as well although that particular variety is becoming quite difficult to find. Thanks for adding to the list of examples. Regards, Rob
  3. gfh

    Hi,  Given your interest and expertise on the WWI Victory medals, it occurred to me that you might know whether there is a good illustrated comparison between the different types of ribbons used by the allied nations for their issued medals.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Regards, garven


    1. RobW


      Hello Garven,

      No; there is no direct illustrated comparison that is currently in print (yet) that shows the differences in ribbon tones/hues. Some of the vics from specific countries (France, US, Great Britain & Commonwealth, Italy, Japan, and Czechoslovakia) have distinctive ribbons so they are easy to identify. There is a pair of panoramic images showing various vics side-by-side that I posted to the 'WW1 Victory Medals General Discussion' sub-thread thread of the main vic thread that does show the variations in ribbons.

      There is also a sub-thread in the vic thread called 'Victory Medal Ribbons in General' which should provide additional examples.

      Hope this helps.


    2. gfh


      Thank you Rob, that'll get me started.

  4. Hello Bill, A nice French produced US vic with some rarely seen French produced clasps. These specific variety are rarely seen and are rare even among French collectors. There is a complete set of clasps including the rarely seen SOMME clasp. A great pickup of a French produced US vic with rarely seen clasps. Regards, Rob
  5. Hello jhvelez, This question has already been asked, and answered, in the main French medal thread. In short examples of the Charles vic variety that do not have the edge/rim markings do exist but they are more difficult to find. A good place to start would be the French medal thread as it has much more detailed information posted there. Regards, Rob
  6. Hi Paul, Unfortunately not. I almost stumbled across the vic when looking for a particular indian vic group to a member of 52nd Sikhs/Frontier Force Regiment. Good to know that the recipient served in Waziristan. Regards, Rob
  7. Hello Paul, I have a vic to a RFM Dhaman Singh Khatri M.D. The information that was provided to me was that this RFM was a member of a Royal Nepalese Army Contingent of Mahindra Dal, with the M.D. reportedly standing for Battalion in Nepalese. Would you have any further information on these units? Regards, Rob
  8. Hello Paul, I would agree that it is becoming a bit more difficult to find a Cuban vic in good condition, although they are much more prevalent in the market than the Brazil vic, type 2. A quick online search shows there are a few cuban examples for sale but some of them have been 'cleaned' which removes the lovely darker patina that bronze medals have. Ebay has a number of interesting rules which preclude obtaining items of cuban provenance. Depending on how much you have to spend you should be able to still pick up a cuban vic. The more difficult to find, in good condition, is t
  9. Hello Trajan, I would echo the comments above about waiting and obtaining an official one that is complete. Unless you can find a really skilled jeweller to re-make the unique greek style suspender you would be better off waiting to obtain a complete piece. The Greek vics are not that uncommon and appear regularly for modest prices. Regards, Rob
  10. Hello Oliver, The unofficial type 3 (Alex Laslo listing) doest exist but they are extremely rare. I can confirm the details listed that they don't have the name Henri Nocq on the obverse but do have the 'O' on the reverse. Due to a variety of reasons I no longer post items from my collection here on GMIC but can confirm this variety does exist. I hope this is of some use. Regards, Rob
  11. Hello Paul, There are only estimates of medals awarded which is not necessarily consistent with actual combatant numbers. The original decrees (Decree 905 10 June 1922 for Navy, and Decree 1155 27 August 1924 for Army) does also not make reference to any police personnel. Laslo quotes a figure of 6,000-7,000 medals issued, with that number drawn from a Dr. K.G. Klietmann work published in a 1981 OMRS article. Given the paucity of available records, and the difficulty of confirming any details, out of Cuba, I think we will be left with estimates for the time being. Regards,
  12. Hello Bill, A nice pickup with the green Frederico Costa box. These boxes are also seen in a darker blue colour as well. Either way they are not easy to find in complete non-crushed condition. Regards, Rob
  13. Hello Oliver, The list of Naval clasps and eligible ships is contained in print in the book 'The Call of Duty'. There is also numerous websites that have the complete listing. If you search for 'Naval clasps and service credits' you should be successful in your search. Regards, Rob
  14. Hello Bill, Your assumption is correct. The Repro type 1 was indeed produced by Arthus Bertrand, and it is quite a difficult example to find. The Delande produced repro is not listed in Laslo. Regards, Rob
  15. And another. Special Service Medal. Regards, Rob
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