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  1. Thanks for the clarification re the DRL badge Gordon. Thanks as well to the members of the forum for the warm welcome! Greg
  2. Hi all, Gordon mentioned the last two darker ribbons in the ribbon bar, they are actually blue long-service ribbons with mini 12 and 4 year devices on them. The final ribbon has a mini DRL badge on it. Is DRL a railways badge? I thought a luft connection based on the grey felt backing and the mini LV FL stickpin. I thought a polizei connection based on the ski badges for 1962, 1968 and 1970. I have other bars, notb related to this group which I will post shortly. Cheers, Greg
  3. Thanks for the welcome Brian, you'd have to drive to the other side of the country (west) to get to the same show! Cheers, G
  4. Hi all, I'm still new to the forum and thought I'd post some images of a box of stuff I bought at a local gunshow. I only collect Imperial German medals and really don't collect 1957 stuff but the price was a steal and felt that I could trade it in the future for something I was interested in. On another forum I've found out that the War Merit cross is a early one as it has a makers mark on it. From the associated stick pins I surmise that this soldier was not in direct combat, served in Russia, perhaps in the Luftwaffe (based on the grey/blue backing on the medal bar) and the flying vetera
  5. Thanks to you all for solving this mystery for me. Now I just have to find a cross B
  6. Hey Matt, thanks a ton, I now have a name for the ribbon. Do you have a pic of the cross for it? I have nimmergut's Orden & Ehrenzichen (2000) pocket book but there are almost no pics in it or a ribbon chart. I also have von Hessenthals and Schreiber's Die Ehrenzeichen de D Reiches and there is no pics there either. Based on your id, I think the cross would be 1236. Kriegerveriens-Verdienstkreuz, Silber or in Bronze (1237). I wonder if this is a hard cross to find as I would like to complete the ribbon. Oops, I looked furrther on in Nimmergut and found on page 214, OEK1574/5 and
  7. Hi, I'm new here and was hoping to find out what this ribbon is. I think it is for Oldenburg but have been unable to find it anywhere. I'm wondering what it's for and what the medal looks like that fits on the ribbon. Thanks in advance, B Ok, having some technical problems here, the ribbon colour is blue with red stripes on each side but a yellow (gold?) stripe down the centre. I'll continue to resize the photo to fit the 75K size limit. B
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