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  1. this one interesting in the fact its attached like the metal insignia on the unifoms!
  2. heres another one from my collection to an un-named general the quality on the back is pretty amazing!
  3. heres mine!a lovely early turn of the century bar!certainly to a high-ish ranking officer
  4. looks like you nearly had him at the start!here he is! http://www.hmshood.com/crew/biography/whitworth_bio.htm
  5. iv the rolls for the coronation give me the name and il look it up for you!
  6. il post this on the BMF tonight and see they cant get a name!il also check WO373 and see if theres a name there!
  7. both to be honest!iv plenty of MIDs on bars that are tiny or this size so i reckon it was just what the vet wanted!
  8. Ebay to be honest!orginal ones pop up there farily regularly but they can be pricey!same with even good quality copies!be patiant and youl pick em up!
  9. Can you post any of the sterling marks if there are any as that might be able to get you a rough date when it was made!
  10. picked up a British Victorian ribbon bar and i suspect the last ribbon is German! can anyone ID it?any help would be great!!!(if it is i maybe able to get a ID!)
  11. gggrr had nearly had a match! Sir Guy Herbrand Edward RUSSELL!has all the right medals BUT hes on the 1953 coronation roll and the Olav was awarded in 55 so cant be him! the search continues!!!
  12. Close but again no WW1 mid that i can see!(will check more later when iv full internet access!) think that will clintch getting a name!
  13. nearest i can find so far is!! Sir Rhoderick Robert McGrigor RN cant find a MID for ww1 though!! il take another look tomorrow il also check the rolls for the coronation medals to!
  14. Key here is the st olav!what you need to do now is check the londn gazette for people awarded the st olav and who was also awarded the dso the order of bath and a mid im ww1 and ww2 were in the navy in ww2!cant be that many i dont think!
  15. what i do is i pick up ANY original ribbon i find (even if i dont have the medal)while at a show or while on ebay!iv a nice stock of lots of different ribbons and its come in quiet handy when i get a medal without a ribbon!personally i wont pay over E5 for an original length of ribbon!i have to agree though some prices out there are nuts and in fact when all is said and done they arent THAT hard to find!its just that people put a (in opinion) unjustified high price on them!
  16. as a british ribbon collector i see these on ebay every few months!iv seen them go high to!iv wondered to if they were for civilian wear!also iv only ever seen them for the 15 star!
  17. heres a colour pic of him!cant find any mention of a ww2 croix du guerre www.britishempire.co.uk/forces/armyunits/britishcavalry/7thhussarsteck2.htm
  18. these boards when you have them in hand are AMAZING!heres mine its a left hand board to Rear Admiral William Patrick Brock!
  19. depends if he qualified for it!he might have done something that disqualfied him from getting it or he might have come back after ww1 and rejoined up,his record should show what happened!
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