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  1. I know I've been away for awhile but I find the prices listed on that site quite shocking.
  2. I have not crawled the auction sites in years. That must have been some lot of bars!
  3. This is by far, one of the nicest, early Bavarian bars I have seen. Thanks for sharing this one!
  4. Interesting mounting bar. I've had a couple of these over the years, with the raised edges on the ends, always a Bavarian. Never seen this type of mounting with one of the other German states. I wonder if they all came from one supplier....
  5. Pin is wrong, catch is wrong, detail is wrong. Check the above references for excellent images of original badges.
  6. I'll agree with Alex. I don't think these badges are authentic. I've never seen a Prinzen badge of this type before and the details on the badge do not look consistent with period originals that I have handled over the years, Also, I have never seen this type of badge (hollow-stamped) made as a Prinzen piece,
  7. A Saxon would have not had his medals mounted in this order. The St. Henry would have been first, followed by the Albert Order, The FAM and then the EK2, LSC
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