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  1. Well, I own myself a promotion document of Joachim Coeler. This is on display at a museum for several years. The document for the Marineflieger Erinnerungs-Abzeichen is still the only I know. Kind regards Alex
  2. The circumstances of his death are a little bit strange. He was not shot down during the flight. He was shot down during a gun battle on ground. He died the day after. As mentioned on WAF he was a former navy doctor who changed to the navy air service. I would expect a silver Schaper badge because he was one of the first receipts of the observer badge, but none of the badges are in silver. kind regards Alex
  3. It is a lot of time since I was at Aeronauticum. But now I could take a better picture of the display. It is in small letters but his name is there.
  4. Great news. Now you have a name and additional information to this picture. Kind regards Alex
  5. This is not US law what you refer. This is the case when other countries applied the same or similar law. Than this can be parsued. You can not punish someone who does not break any local or international law. It doesn’t matter if the US have such a law. no one follow US law outside and otherwise. Same for the examples you mentioned about genocide. There are several countries who are not accept the international agreements and not follow this rules. this can be treated by international courts but there is no possibility to force this if the local authorities not follow the
  6. Thank for your help. It is vera appreciate. Very helpfull infos on Molnár. The date of award for the GTKM is known for all of them, but I didn't found further infos on awards for those and other guys.
  7. Can anyone provide me a list of awards to those men preferable with date of award. Fliegermeister Johann Molnar Fliegermeister Eduard Sztavjanik Fähnrich Maximilian Obendorfer Kind regards Alex
  8. My favorite pieces is this small group of Fl.Mech.Ob.Mt. August Remy who was the mechanic of of the famous "Wölfchen" onboard of SMS Wolf. Quite unique group. Kind regards Alex
  9. This badges are from the next Staiffer auction. There are a lot of aviation badges for sell in the next ausction. This might come from a collection. Many of them are fakes but also some nice pieces. The pilot badge numbered 500 is a good piece but badly worn. Kind regards Aöex
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