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  1. gibbo

    Unit ID please.

    Think I might have worked it out...Jammu and Kashmir Rifles!
  2. gibbo

    Unit ID please.

    Good day everyone. I have an Indian Raksha medal 1965, its named to Rifleman Dalawa Singh and from what i can make out the unit is J&K (Jammu & Kashmir??) RIF? Anybody got any ideas what this regt/corp is? Many thanks in advance.
  3. gibbo

    Regiment ID help

    Many thanks for the advice its much appreciated... :)
  4. Has anyone managed to get hold of this elusive original Saichen medal yet?...i have a copy of "Medals Catalogue of Pakistan" by Yahya Qureshi and Rafiq Kasbati and even the photo in the book does not have a full claw on the suspender? Are we sure that all in the series of these awards should have a full claw?
  5. gibbo

    Regiment ID help

    I`ve a few groups i`d like to post photos of but i`m afraid my camara is suffering from sand ingress after an overseas deployment. I`ll try to borrow a friends and see what i can do. I think the unit may be the "Defence Security Corps". I was wondering about "tailors copies", how can one tell if a medal or group is the genuine article? I have noticed considerable differences in the quality of medals. I know some were contracted out and made locally and there can be some variation in ribbon colour...any comments would be appreciated, many thanks...
  6. hello everyone. I have a group of 4 medals to Sepoy A singh, his regt/corps is D.S.O. or possibly O.S.O. ????.....i`ve had a look at the official Indian Army website and i cant find any clues there..any ideas please???
  7. Many thanks for the quick replies...i really must do my homework and learn these ranks :)
  8. Good evening everyone. Can you help with this rank identification?...I have a group of named medals to 2453958 S Singh Punjab Regiment. His rank on the GSM is Sepoy, on his 20 year service medal the rank is "NB Sub"...i`m assuming this is a junior commissioned officer rank of Subedar, but what does the "NB" stand for? ...any ideas?
  9. gibbo

    Sainya Seva medal

    Many thanks Mr Wolf.... :)
  10. gibbo

    Sainya Seva medal

    Many thanks Brian, the rank is not one i`ve heard of before. I`d like to know more about the Indian Army post 47, can anyone recommend decent books on the subject?
  11. Hello everyone, i have a Sainya Seva medal (clasp; Marusthal) named to 1060210 L D D Prasad AC: as a `newbie` to the Indian medal scene would i be correct in thinking LD is a rank?, and if so what regt/corps is AC? (Air Corps???) Is it possible to identify roughly when this man served by his service number? Thanks for taking the time to read this...
  12. A nice medal. I do like the SC medals, i wish you the best of luck with research! I know a lot of records for SC officers have been destroyed or lost in the midsts of time. This is a great shame, most SC would have had "normal" day jobs and gave up much spare time to carry out police duties. These medals were earned the hard way especially during war time and i feel SC`s are the forgotten heroes at times.
  13. gibbo

    Something missing

    Many thanks, that confirms the little research i`ve done; as soon as the group has been mounted i`ll post a picture. I`m of the same opinion that a 20 year service medal should not be added. I wonder how other members feel about adding medals to "complete" a group?
  14. I`m looking at a group of 6 Indian medals consisting of (1) Paschimi Star.(2) Sangram medal. (3)Op Vijay medal. (4) 50th Anniversary . (5) 25th Anniversary. (6) 9 Year Long Service. From the dating of the medals it seems to me this chap served for over 20 years, should there not be a 20 Year service medal ?....also, should the Op Vijay medal be named?...
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