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  1. You're welcome! I would like to mention that I'm not a dealer, just a collector. My site purpose is not for sell is just a place where some potential collectors can identify things. Off course as any other collector I have few themes that are more interesting for me than others. That's why I suggested to you to see if there is something you are interested in.
  2. Now the thing is that I have the order, the breast star and the medallion star, I am missing the box and the sash.The two pieces are not from precious metal (gold) are made of common metal, that's why are not that rare. Off course a gold one could be up to $3000, however, a R.S.R. (not R.P.R.) first class is around $250 + $150 the small one. For the box and sash I would pay $500. Would you consider to sell separately?
  3. Thank you Nick. You can take a look on my web site http://ordersandmedals.ro maybe you can find something...
  4. Here is an rare document for the Order of White Lion in commander grade, awarded to the Romanian Counter Admiral Rosca chief of the Romanian Royal Navy,
  5. I couldn't find a case with the writing on it. All of them (pictures of cases) are without any inscription, only the heraldic.
  6. Solved, it is a case for the Order of the War Cross, 3rd class.
  7. Hello, Here is a case for Takovo Order, please help me to translate the jeweler's name. As far I can see some Brachaz. Popovich (Popovich Brothers?) Thank you.
  8. Hello, if there is someone who can help me to identify this Slovakian order case? The writing part was erased during the communist era. The order was awarded in 1932 to a Romanian colonel (at the time). Hope the photos can reveal something helpful. Thank you. P.S.: The shape left on the inner material resembles on the Order of the War Victory Cross. However is not in concordance with the date written on the back (1932) since this order was awarded in 1945....
  9. Thanks again Paja, if I can assist you in the future with some Romanian orders, gladly.
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