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  1. Tallinn Museum of the Orders of Knighthood (Estonia).
  2. Thank you, the first thing I've done - read the motto with a help from my friends.
  3. Of course the button is not Persian. Maybe - north-african or near-eastern, yes. The Legion d'Honneur is ROYAL here (i.e. pre-1871). Do not think this (the arms) is some European grant - but Europeans could take part in its design.
  4. The dexter one really looks like the Legion d'Honneur of the ROYAL France. The ribbon of the central order is green with borders(?), i.e. neither of the Medjidiyeh, nor of Osmaniyeh.
  5. My friend says the motto is "Salvation is in Truth" or "Salvation through Truth." He also says the last letter of the word Salvation is written in a letter that indicates Ottoman Turkish, Farsi or some none Arabic speaker origin.
  6. Dear friends, is it possible to identify these orders beneath the shield?
  7. Dear friends, is it possible to identify these orders beneath the shield?
  8. It was planned to be an enamel painting (miniature).
  9. Michael Shelkovenko and me reconstructed the image of the first-grade star of the Order of Zolfaqar. It was designed 90 years ago but the 1st class star was never materialized: no-one ever was awarded with it, so no photos of the star ever existed. Our reconstruction is based on a couple of these poor presentations. Iranian Iconography of Imam Ali was also carefully studied.
  10. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the only recipient of the 2nd class star of the highest military award of the Empire of Iran - the Order of Zolfaqar. It is impossible to find any photos of this star. You can see it only on the photoportraits of the Shahanshah. My friend Michael Shelkovenko and me created this reconstruction for the book of my friend Dr. O. James Younessi about orders and medals of the Pahlavi era (to be published soon). Painting by Michael Shelkovenko. No copy-pastes, no photoshop, no corel, nothing. The artist's hand only:) Finished yesterday.
  11. Yes: the same set - see posts ##22-24 of this topic.
  12. Incredible: it looks like the set sold from Andreas Thies Auction some years ago.
  13. Russian General Vasiliy Bebutov (1791-1858) with Effigy badge from Nasir-ud-Din Shah (received 1851; neck - partly under the huge white cross od St. George). The Lion'n'Sun star is the lowest one (Ist class, 1835).
  14. The painted portrait of Mozaffar-ud-Din - as a Crown-Prince (not the Shah). Shahs never wore these effigy portraits with themselves or their passed fathers:)
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