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  1. The jeweller's first name was Heinrich and 589-36 was some sort of serial/production number.
  2. The group in white uniforms to the right of the photo are Romanian officials of the National Renaissance Front
  3. A nice Weiss example. The markings are "589-36", "HW" and the national mark for silver.
  4. https://lege5.ro/Gratuit/g42domrz/decretul-nr-16-1948-privind-infiintarea-ordinului-muncii
  5. Thanks a lot Egorka! It seems that Mihail Glavatzchi's sister, Liza, worked as a nurse in the Ryshkovka (army?) hospital during the war.
  6. Two more photos surfaced from the Bessarabian branch of the family. I would appreciate if you can help with a translation of the written legend on the back of one of them. P.S. I am a rather disconcerted by how quickly the time passes. I thought I posted the previous pictures only a couple of years ago, only to discover that almost 5 years have passed.
  7. Very nice find, congratulations! It is amazing that you could find the context of the awards. May I please ask you for better resolution images of the award cerificates?
  8. It has the maker's mark, the period's state mark for silver (probably the one for the stated purity), so it is silver.
  9. I think one admin could easily move threads. Alternatively you post the thread (again) in the right section and an admin can later delete this one or simply leave it pray to neglect...
  10. It's most likely silver, but please move this thread to the relevant section for more details: Central & Eastern European States
  11. Indeed it is the style of wearing the sashes that is different for the Orthodox clergy and its origin could be that proposed by Utopis. As to the question whether they are 'normal sashes', the photographic evidence indicates that in some cases as that of Bishop Melchisedec above and Bishop Nifon (1860-1923) below they were narrower versions, at least those of the Romanian orders. And to come back to the orders that started this topic, please find a painting of Metropolitan Nifon (1789-1875) wearing an Austrian Order of Franz Joseph, apparently fastened directly to the ribbon of the Russian Order of St Anne. The Austrian sash is not visible.
  12. Romanian clergymen have also worn the sashes around the neck: B/W photo of Bishop Melchisedec (1823-1892) and colour photo of Patriarch Teoctist (1915-2007).
  13. The Museum of the Legion of Honour has one collar of this order.
  14. Hi Alex, Yours is the correct ribbon. Type one insignia (1877-1932) had red ribbon with two blue stripes on each side. The red ribbon with one blue stripe on each edge is the Military Virtue ribbon for battlefield awards. Hence it does not fit peacetime insignia.
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