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  1. Not easy to find this model in France except by ebay. It is a good official model.
  2. Hello, Good ribbon, good marking, it's a very good purchase. Best regards, Jean Michel
  3. Hello Olivier, You present four varieties of the official medal. This model has a dozen variations in terms of signature, suspension mode, reproductions and others. Regards, Jean Michel
  4. Bonjour, Pour moi, c'est un montage fantaisiste pour gagner de l'argent. Il existe de nombreuses fausses assemblées de médailles interalliées. La victoire ailée n'est pas celle de la Belgique. Cordialement, Jean-Michel
  5. Hi Bill, You uses a digital vernier caliper to measure? Regards Jean-Michel
  6. Hello, I think I have the right translation: Army, infantry, number 184729, 1st class JINSAKU HIROSE, decorated with Order of Merit 8th class. Sacred treasure or the rising sun. Thank you all. Best Regards Jean-Michel
  7. Hello, Thank you for your translation, you are right number is 184729. The soldier would have belonged to the infantry. For me this is the highest number that I saw and the first for a soldier not belonging to the navy. I hope that I am going to arrive the rank and name of the person. The numbers of documents are they greater than 184729. Best regards Jean-Michel
  8. Hello, I recently Bought A win pour medal Degree in Japan. My problem is what I do can not identify the rank, name and surname of the person who has received this degree. I Think The Number assignment is 126065. Can you help me? Thank you in advance Best Regards Jean-Michel
  9. Hi Jim, For me, what I noticed first, those are the three mistakes I have outlined in red. Regard Jean-Michel
  10. Hello Jim, Here are two links to pictures of bad qualities, but we can see that it's the same medal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEDALS-WW1-CUBA-VICTORY-MEDAL-1914-18-FULL-SIZE-/161422041360?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&hash=item259580e110 http://www.ebay.com/itm/WW1-ARMY-NAVY-AIR-CORPS-MILITARY-CUBA-VICTORY-MEDAL-WORLD-WAR-ONE-/291238812258?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&hash=item43cf2f9a62 Why do you want me to tell you if your medals are official models? I do not understand your gait! Regard Jean-Michel
  11. Hello Muckaroon, The medal you have presented is not an official model nor an unofficial model is that a copy that can easily be found on Ebay. The obverse of the medal is very well copied, the other side has several shortcomings. The patina of this medal is fairly well imitated. Regard Jean-Michel
  12. hello, I think the photos were taken with a flash. I think there is no marking on the suspension ring. The ribbon is good. In conclusion, for me this medal is a copy. Best Regards Jean-Michel
  13. Hello Jim, This is great news! What will the price for this book? Regards Jean-Michel
  14. Hello Bill, It is very original, but certainly not easy to wear. Regards Jean-Michel
  15. Hello Peron, For me, I would say that it is an official type 2. By against the ribbon may be of Italian origin, but to confirm. Regards Jean-Michel
  16. Hello Bill, The picture is not very good because of the flash. If you want tomorrow I will make a better Photo quality. Regards Jean-Michel
  17. Hello, I have introduced you to post # 23 a Belgian diploma written in French. Here is a rare example written in Flemish. Regards Jean-Michel
  18. Hello, Here is a model with a bail shifted. I take this opportunity to introduce you to a reduction in silver. Regards Jean-Michel
  19. Hello, As part of my research, I was able seen this type of machine and the one used by Henry Nocq. It is the little son of Henry Nocq who introduced her and I saw it still works. Regards Jean-Michel
  20. Hello, Here is an interesting link!http://www.medailles1914-1918.fr/portugal-interal.html#Comparaison Regards Jean-Michel
  21. Hello, I present a variant of French degree beautifully illustrated. Regards Jean-Michel
  22. Hello Claudio, I totally agree with you, the last variant is truly the most beautiful. Regards Jean-Michel
  23. Hello Lambert, Normally on the edge of the medal there must be a marking. Regards Jean-Michel
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