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  1. Hi, Smuts is still there including the Shilton, which is now a Restuarant. Many of the buildings are used by small firms, Spandau prison was knocked down and a new building for naafi and scvs built, in 1994 the buildings were taken over by a supermarket chain and a eectronics and media shop.
  2. Capes like this are worn by Musicians, amongst others.
  3. I don't think this is correct. If you look carefully, the Bands name is in the title of the youtube film--"Adest Musica Sassenheim" from the Netherlads. Their home page proclaims various bands from Juniors to Seniors
  4. Although I cannot identify the badge at the moment , it is interesting to note that the motto is used today by The Royal Regiment of Scotland,was the motto of the Berwick Militia and in the 1960's The Lowland Brigade. When displaying the badge the fancy belt loop should central bottom, buckle to the left which would show the Scottish Lion correctly.It is an interesting badge and I will delve further.
  5. I was in Berlin with KOSB in Brooke Bks from 1959 - 1961, then Einburgh, Aden before demob in 1964. Worked from 1965 with the Air Force at Gatow until the station closed in 1994. Still live on the base
  6. I use Wikepedia for info. Look up wiki and ebay for Light infantry. My guess is that you would get about 10 GBP at the most.
  7. Looking at Wikepedia, the full title was the King Edwards Horse (The King's Overseas Dominions Regiment) and was a cavalry regiment of the British Army, formed in 1901, which saw service in the Boer War and theFirst World War The medals are certainly British.and the Dominions concerned are shown on the Badge around the central Royal Crest.
  8. The shield centre of the badge on the white hat indicates a district or municipality of Austria or Switzerland, searching the net can be long and tedious, (there are over fifty (50) communities under the letter A in wikepedia. The name indicates a Police Officer named Heinrich Wisler. TheBlack hat with the Red band indicates a hat of a British or colonial Officer of Army or Police, a close up of the badge would help identification. There is an entry in Facebook for Wisler Heinrich in Switzerland.
  9. Not true Cameronians badge has a bugle in it but this surmounted by a star surrounded by a wreath. This badge is described so: On 1st July 1881, the 53rd Shropshire Regt and the 85th King's Light Infantry ... Light Infantry (KSLI); the Shropshire Militia became the 3rd Special Reserve (S R)
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