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  1. Hello Collectorsfriends, the english Edition with over 1000 pages of our Book "The Kriegsmarine Awards" is now available by B&D-Publishing. Here a photo
  2. @Gordon I think it's a pity that the U-Boatbadges- and Clasps were not presented in detail. That would have done the book really well, because the "Torpedo Los!" was purchased mainly by Uniform-Collectors, and its was sold out by Roger. This is disapointing for many badge collectors What would have talked about it? About "LM", we have no definitive evidence for this producer, therefore we can only guess about it. So I thought because you say definitely LM you have the sound proof. If so, why did not it printed in the book? Otherwise, a good work!
  3. Hello Gordon, congratulations to your new Book! I get it today. But one question, why do you not show variants of the U-Boatbadges and U-Boat Frontclasps? The title of the book after I heard that expected. Why do you say LM is definitely Lind & Meyrer? What evidence do you have for that? Thanks for your Answer Sascha
  4. Hello Joe, you can order on www.Militariafachbuch.eu or send me a PM / Mail. @Darell thanks a lot about your words.....The opinion of Thomas Durante: "What a beast"... :cheeky:
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