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  1. forgot to mention this came from the same source but believed to be un-related
  2. Un-packing some of my collection, here is a set of documents to reserve Lieutenant of Reserve Infantry Regiment III/252, 76. Reserve-Division Kurt Wilhelm, later Battalion Adjutant Freikorps 2nd Landeschützen Brigade There are some documents relating to his one-year volunteer time. He saw action at Eastern and Western Front. According to a certificate of his Battalion commander he earned his EK1 "in a hail of bullets" . Since he was a native Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt he got the rare Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Cross of Honour 3. Class with swords. (According to his Kriegsstammrolle).
  3. Further to my research, he left an oral history with the Imperial War Museum http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80004177
  4. As ever welcome your thoughts, postcard, Militarpass and ID card, all from different people
  5. Still no joy with this one, so wondered if anyone could help further, maybe the signature on the replacement soldbuch? cannot believe there is not a photo out there? as ever many thanks for looking
  6. Small collection of insignia and books, has anyone any other bits to show?
  7. Sorry just being flippant, but it is a strange state of affairs not giving a medal
  8. Think that unlike Herrick and Telic they are going to see if we "win", having just (June) got back we will have a long wait!!! hope its ok to add this...open source http://www.ssrresourcecentre.org/2016/08/09/police-reform-in-iraq-challenges-and-lessons-learned-part-i/
  9. Just a thought what insignia did the German Polnische Wehrmacht wear from 1917-19 ?
  10. Excellent and many thanks, I have also confirm his service on the Bavarian state archives on Ancestry, guess my question is, would you class these units as "Freikorps" or traditional "Border Guards" given their location on the Czech border
  11. I have the chance of a WW1 Bavarian pass to Grenzschutzbataillon Heiss and Grenzschutzkommando Schönsee, cannot find any details on these units, welcome any thoughts, information
  12. This may cause some controversy, I had the medal repaired, and while I appreciate its re-sale and possibly its history may have been compromised...well here we are...bit shiny but should tone down...
  13. Wow, just love the first one; I am picking up the following documents, will show as soon as I have them, Order of the crown 3rd class as Major in Generalstaff, handsigned Kaiser Willi II Officers Long service decoration as Major in Generalstaff Promotion to Lieutnant-Colonel, handsigned Willi II Promotion Fähnrich Promotion Rittmeister, handsigned Willi II Promotion Rittmeister à la Suite, handsigned Will II Hesse Philipps Order Knights Cross 1st class as Major in Generalstaff further letters and items letter to him as c
  14. I am hopefully picking up some more citations and documents belonging to the good General, however I have not been successful in getting hold of a good photo of him, if anyone has one to share, I would be very grateful
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