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  1. The EK1 has imho been added, I thought that at the time, it was not sold as Freikorps just came with a bundle of docs, if it had been a recent deception then it would have been either marketed or promoted as a "rare" document to maximise its value....the cost of manufacturing such would be very costly....however it may have been done by the recipient, to make him a little more heroic, down the bierkeller, he is also not noted on Ancestry at all with that name or DoB, What I would like is a little more forensic information on the document such as units and operations and personnel info to
  2. Great information, can anyone identify this Brodie, many thanks
  3. None taken Bryan, I should have put here in the first place, yes I saw that he was with Gem? Staffel 21, Oberkommandos Nord from May to June 1919? but was unsure if they were in the Baltic or Pomerania?
  4. Bryan your comment " I'm not sure what more you hoped to find out by posting it here" is because it is post 1918, and having done so have received a lot more interest both public and private...it also gives those who are solely interested in Freikorps an opportunity to see the document Its not only about what we gain, but about sharing, which you have have done most successfully on this forum and others...
  5. Many thanks, "another forum" interesting as I have just got this so maybe the previous owner, could you pm me or give a hint as to the forum as it came without research, my feelings are he was an observer...on the basis of the EK1...but only if the EK1 is ok?.....thoughts?
  6. Thanks Glenn, was it usual to go from Artillery (one year volunteer) to commission in the Train and then to (Garde) Artillery ?....thats whats bothered me..
  7. So Far I have, 1908; Enlisted 3rd Grenadier Regiment 1914; Flieger-Ersatz-Abteilung 5 and Feld-Flieger-Abteilung 31 1915 Feld-Flieger-Abteilung 61 1916 Flieger-Beobachter-Schule ?? 1917 Jagdstaffel 30 1918 Freikorps, Grenzschutz Flieger-Abteilung Nr. 409 Thoughts...?
  8. Welcome your thoughts on this document, also 1) Can anyone decipher his name; where he was from, DoB; 2) Was he a flier or observer (or what) 3) Can anyone make out the unit he served in when he won the EK2, EK1 any other information that could help with research gratefully received, thanks, Paul
  9. Welcome your thoughts on this group, also if possible a rangliste check, as ever many thanks, Paul
  10. The soldier was a Gefreiter in the Schlachtfliegerstaffel 201. He entered the air force in 1914 at the Flieger-Abteilung 5. Later he served as an observer with the Jagdstaffel 30 commanded by flying ace 1st Lieutnant Hans Bethge (20 aerial victories). There he got both classes of the Iron Cross as Gefreiter! After the end of the war 1918 he entered the Aviator Freikorps (Grenzschutz-Flieger-Abteilung 409) then fighting in Upper Silesia and received both classes of the Silesian Eagle. Question, what awards for flying would he have? a
  11. Slight change in direction with this document, first to a "flyer" welcome your thoughts as to what I have, as ever thanks
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