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  1. Recently did a trade for the attached so in real terms cost me ?200, the core moves and has no makers marks, have compared it to 1914 EKs in my collection and its the same size so I am pretty convinced its of that vintage, that said the details are much finer, as ever welcome your thoughts, Paul
  2. Yes he was Bavarian, so EK2, Bavarian MVO III and 12 yr Long service, , thanks very much, Paul
  3. Thanks, ok,completly different structure, is yours the only type? so is mine a copy?
  4. Thanks done some work on it "MK" is a RN prefix, appreciate your comments
  5. Welcome your thoughts on this cap, removable white cover, thanks, Paul
  6. Just put it on ebay 330120496413 if anyone is interested
  7. And a colour photo of the Bavarian leib (still looking for the correct pickelhaube, but hopefully the white belt is on the way
  8. Robert, still think it is 110th but on second thoughts it could also be 7th Grenadier Regt. but definately not Leib
  9. Rick thanks, the bar is stamped "DRGM" you must admit as a collector the nice thing about these bars is that you can add the missing medals at your leisure which is good as single medals go for a song, as ever thanks, Paul
  10. Robert, not a leib regiment possibly "2.Badishes Grenadier-regiment Kaiser Wilhelm 1. Nr 110" but I standby to be corrected
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