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  1. Can anyone assist in supplying photos of whats missing as ever thanks, Paul
  2. Tony, I agree as a part-time antiques dealer it is the equalivant of a 17 century copy of a 16 century piece, not right but not a 20 century copy, I like it (thats what maters) and its stunning to look at, thanks, Paul
  3. If ever our hobby becomes a question of "what's it worth" and not the honour and sacrifice these men and women gave, then we are not worthy, albeit the frozen wastes of Russia or the heat of the desert or in Lucian's case a cold morning on the 27th of December 1916 all alone not knowing if his work was of value or if anyone cared, this medal group of brass and tin truly is what we try to preserve in our hobby and the honour of little Belgium, France and the free world.
  4. Tony will try need to get a macro lense for my camra, Paul
  5. Bob and all, many thanks it came with named uniform, bbut you can never be sure, again thanks, Paul
  6. My source has now retired but I am sure if you write to the Belguim Ministry of Defence they should help, the group is for me the finest in my collection of Intelligence related medals
  7. Only one Lucian Francois on roll, MID LG 15 Sept 1919, La Medaille de L'Yser Arrete Royal No 15939 du Juillet 1923
  8. All will be revealed, group found in Australia all loose, French medals with the named BWM, it was assumed that they were not related
  9. Couple of new medals, Czech one awarded to me along with the IRSM, Paul
  10. French Agent who served on the yser front before becoming an agent part of group "Victor" captured and shot at dawn 27 december 1916 (all awards confirmed by french archives)
  11. Couple of groups to agents, first Belgian Agent (all awards confirmed by Belgian Secret Service Records)
  12. Red, Got it as a tailors copy , very well made and cost in trade ?200, as an example its stunning, it would cost that to make it now days
  13. Paid ?30 for it about 10 years ago, so not that fussed, but its fun, I have always thought it should have 25 year
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