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  1. Welcome your thoughts on the items below, the photo has "Windisch, 1915,Hamburg" and the case came with, the pilots case came later, many thanks, Paul
  2. Have a Luftwaffe officers Flak tunic with the label "F Bettinger Lille" Named to Hauptm K Struck, Neustadt un Holst. welcome any assistance in researching the tunic and the man, as ever thanks, Paul
  3. And these little beuties would have cost me ?400 or so each Still looking for a pilots badge
  4. Not sure a friend got them for me as I am on the lookout for them, on appraisal, London area?will try to find out
  5. Grateful if anyone can translate, thanks, Paul
  6. Rick, sorry to be thick but is REO 4 the above order and what is his rank, long day at work
  7. Darrell, as ever thanks, welcome any other views as to whether they are known fakes and possible dates of manafacture (also welcome views on prices)
  8. Had in collection for a while would welcome any research advice and comments on the award, thanks, Paul
  9. Couple of badges for your appraisal before I commit,, as ever thanks, Paul
  10. Oh did he get any other medals I would like to get a representation of his entitlement again thanks
  11. I have two daughters they are yours, oh and a dog....wife.... house its yours, well perhaps not the dog !, many thanks, only picked it up last weekend had a preview of a show first thing I saw.....many thanks, Paul
  12. Better photo, would I be right in thinking this is possibly a diplomat?
  13. New medal bar welcome your thoughts and research potential, thanks, Paul
  14. I have the opportunity to purchase a 1940 home guard battledress (BD) and trousers all badged up to an officer, with WW1 ribbons and 2x 1944 BD tunics and trousers to an RASC officer all badged up, all in good nick no moth, can anyone help me will current retail prices, many thanks, Paul
  15. Rick, Steve, thanks for this, I have picked up some items which may belong to him, will post as soo as I can, many thanks, Paul
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