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  1. Thanks for your reply. I did some research when I got the painting in , and found that link as well.

    But not much more.

    She did not only ad the feathers, but; cords, medals and buttons too....

    The reason she did so must have been because was this like a art form, to here...

    To me just as bad...


  2. Hey Paul, thanks for your answer.

    I do understand! Pic's where taken true the display case windows of the auction house.

    But I took my chance and won the auction. I will post better pic's on friday, when the medal is home.

  3. It is all about a picture that has been colored and reworked with paint and pencil.

    Without the frame it measures 50 by 62 cm, quiet big!

    It must have cost a arm and a leg back then, just sad they didn't care about it over the past years....

    Still doing some research about it. The artist might have forgotten some details...

    To me it seems like a officer to the 14 th  infantry regiment....



  4. Probably not of a great interest to the most but definitely rare; the ID to a Belgian NCO and his wife, working as a instructor/ technical expert, for the new army in the independent Congo of the seventies.
    No uniforms or badges, but a lot of paperwork and pic's.
    Anyway glad to ad to my "(Belgian!)Congo" theme.

    Here is a small selection of the house clearing.





    With a message from the prime minister....


    A 1978 dated restaurant ticket...


    And my guess is that thes Belgian para's where there as wel in 1978, during the riots.



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