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  1. I would leave it where it is. Nothing original to it. Might be a reworked theater prop.
  2. I was told that Adler's family do not want the last name to be used on fora. Could a mod kindly remove it here too, please.
  3. I was informed in a pm on this forum... I met him once.At my home when he came to fetch something he baught. I liked him. A great loss.
  4. Just got the news in my professional literature. https://www.antiquestradegazette.com/print-edition/2020/june/2447/news/raid-on-ebay-sellers-fake-medal-factory-run-from-garden-shed-leaves-market-reeling/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=atgnl&utm_campaign=atgnl-16062020
  5. Much obliged Simius Rex! I own you one.
  6. I appreciate your help. Couldn't make something out of the signature...
  7. More pictures as promised. Painting is 61/81 cm,77.5 /97.5 cm with the frame.
  8. Many thanks for your input so far. I will fetch it tomorrow and keep you informed.
  9. Just won this painting on a local auction. Hope to get it friday, it might have markings at the back, but in the meanwhile, does anyone know who the man could be?
  10. I am more into headresses, and my favorite item in the collection is British. But if I had to choose for the German Imperial section, it would be this one;
  11. Just kidding! 😉 My guess is that Hess is quiet a common German name.
  12. Hey, gosh!! ....Rudolf's helmet ....! ?? Thanks for your help. You are probably right.
  13. I will. Meanwhile does anybody have an idea what the name of the owner can be. "Heks" or something...??
  14. They are usually left as they are. Except adding a front plate, undo the rossette of that ugly paint. And upgrading the chinstrap, there will no happen much more to this guy.
  15. Hello all, found this little fellow in a house clearing. Apparently used to party during carnival at some point, due to the confetti found inside. And coming from a region where carnival is "hot", ....yes; Aalst! Nicely marked on the inside. For one with the Kriegs bekleidungsamt des (or der!?) Gardekorps.1915. And second with a name. To me it reads like "Heks", what do you think? And is there anything that can be found on Herr Heks when serving in the garde regiment?
  16. Masonic was also my thoughts. The medal I showed is the only one he has. All others are gone...
  17. It is possible, but the guy's are quiet familiar with those medals,and found nothing similar.
  18. I could ask on a French forum, I am member of. Bertrand Malvaux is a member there too....
  19. hello, for a colleague on a French forum I would like to ask you to ID this medal. It comes from a distant family member who can be found on; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Félix_du_Temple_de_la_Croix
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