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  1. Thanks. It amazes me too, and makes me very curious as well, every time again.
  2. Out of the woodwork!! They have being sitting in a cellar for all these years, waiting for me to rescue them. It gives a old man like me that Indiana Jones feeling, you can hardly describe. The worse part was getting them to my place. It was dark when I got home and couldn't wait to make a pic...
  3. My pleasure. The answers given was quiet elaborated. I'll try to give you a translation asap
  4. Answer is given. Also; Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I think it is a captain's captain of the country railway sections (SCFC), in this case the 4th section. Created and organized before 1914, there are 10: 1st: P.L.M. (Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée) 2nd: P.L.M. 3rd: P.O. (Paris-Orléans) 4th: State 5th: North 6th: East 7th: Noon 8th: East, State and North 9th: State 10th: secondary railways. In 1917, an 11th section was formed by the 1st section: P.L.M. After the armistice, a 12th section will be formed by all the networks / sections, for the management and supervision of the service in Alsace-Lorraine.
  5. Question is on; http://www.passionmilitaria.com/t176478-kepi-francais-en-identification-svp#1540959
  6. Could be a fantasy piece. Germany had lots of them; for carnival etc...
  7. Hello, thanks for your opinion; much appreciated. About the stamp, I couldn't find any so far, but knowing what to look for I'll check again.
  8. Ok thanks for your time. I'll ad a pic of the reverse asap. Not very elaborated, probably not of a great importance...
  9. Ok, thanks. The research sounds interesting. I might give it a go.
  10. Thanks a lot, again! Would never guessed about the screwplate. Could I ask you what the star (looks +/- like a prussian guard star...)might be?
  11. Thanks a lot Eric. Much appreciated. The labor medal doesn't bear any serial numbers, the bravery medal is marked 836625.
  12. Hello, here they are. If you need better details, please ask.
  13. Hello, thanks. I do need some help, completely out of my comfort zone! I'll provide more pic's, asap.
  14. Thank you all. I'll provide the pic's you asked for, asap.
  15. Nice thread! Here is my mini, I just got in. Found in a house clearing. Imperial Russian stuff is hard to find over here.
  16. Found two more, from the same source;
  17. I got them from a local house clearing. It is quiet unusual to find imperial Russia militaria over here.... I managed to ID them all. Quiet a job when it is not your field of knowledge....
  18. Sorry, just found out it is a pioneer badge.
  19. Managed to lay hand on a small lot of imperial Russian medals and insignia. During my search I came by this post. Could the insignia I got be related to railway's ... It is about 3 cm big, so I assume it is a miniature....
  20. here are my latest. Not common to find in a Belgian house clearing...
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