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  1. I have allways been in antiques in general, and cleaning up houses for a living. I cleared Indian cap's in the late eighties, it took me two months. And it was only a 15 minutes drive. But there was much and it was heavy. Everything was stacked in a ware house in Merksem at the time I did that job. And father Van Koetsem was no longer. I still got quiet some die's.
  2. Thank you all, for the input. I was aware of the De Lombaert PDF, maybe I should read it again. However it isn't ...let's say; "complete",.... to me, based on what I know and what I was told .... For instance; Indian Caps or Van Koetsem (same compagny, from Antwerp) isn't mentioned any where . And this compagny had for over the 50.000 die's (coming from most of the mentioned makers!) to strike medals, buttons and insignas. Even 19 th century helmet crests and sword ornaments. In a huge factory in the center of Antwerp....! I also had the last (active) Beerts ( not mentioned too!) descendant as a neighbour, when I lived in the center of Antwerp. To Jef; I also used the lockdown to spend some time on my buttons. Not only the Fonson buttons. It can be seen on; https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/uniform-buttons-world/variety-belgian-regimental-buttons-their-maker-761770/ No intention to promote WRF! If not allowed feel free to erase the link. I posted it also on a French militaria forum and can poste it here as well, if wanted. About the "De Lombaert PDF " pdf ; Elimex; a compagny that used to work in Brussels around 1910, isn' mentioned eighter...
  3. Hey Graf, no indication what so ever, except the medals emplacement. 6 ribbon medals and one breast star, is my only indication.
  4. I am dating them between 1840 and 1871. Still trying to find out who's coat it was...
  5. Thanks! And hang in, I will have to part of it....one day....😉
  6. Hello, no I can't tell you who it originaly belonged to. I was looking for a 1870 EK and this was the best buy at the time (here on the forum!). I will ad a pic later on today.
  7. A very nice medal. Here is mine, part of a German medal bar.
  8. The title says it all. The medal has nothing to do with the jacket or the guy. I just didn't had a Belgian bresat star to put on.
  9. Very nice helmet! Looks like a cork helmet (the way pith helmets are made) to me. I got a Belgian one, in cork as well.
  10. Hello all, I am joining in, hoping to find out who my general is. It was posted before, but never ID. Thanks for any help.
  11. Nearly as big as the one the ape is holding, but in ivory.
  12. In ivory (cites duty-bound) , we are talking old stuff here.
  13. Got some as well. Here is a British one, from a city I ofthen went too as a child. The trophy was how ever found here in a house clearing a few years ago. Only the 1938 and 1939 winner's have been mentioned...probably for a obvious reason...
  14. Still own this mask and recently found his twin brother on the net. Saddly the link died. Apparently sold in France in 2014... Never mind the "voor" and "na" text, that was ment for a practical joke...
  15. A bronze makers mark to a Belgian loc, 25 cm Ø.
  16. I am not speaking for military related clock's, but civilian clock's market dropped significantly. My father used to collect some. Mostly British clock's he braught back from our holliday in the UK, back in the seventies. Belgian clock's were hard to get, and much more expensive. Today I buy my clock's cheap, mostly under the 100 euro. And only Belgian one's. I still like them, but couldn't afford them back then.
  17. Found a chair showing great similarity's in the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin. Brought back in the early 1900's. Seen here with mine (on the right ).
  18. Hey Peter, the medals on the piano sign are only civil awards, that the compagny obtained by particiapting on music intruments exhibition. For the medals Julius Blüthner is wearing; I couldn't tell you like this. I would need to check them out one by one.
  19. Hello, I often come across music intruments during my daily searches, but here is just a part of a piano, I wanted to share. It can be dated prior to 1870, and it is just a pitty the piano is not attached to it anymore....they do fetch high prices. But the main reason I wanted to share thise is because I found during my research a portrait of the founder (Julius Blüthner), and it appears he was well decorated. I tought this might intrerest many here.
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