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    Belgian Congo up to 1960, anything related to the city of Antwerp and militaria in general from ancient times to 1945.

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  1. Not just in Congo. The Chokwé people just didn't live only in Congo, in fact the Belgian Congo border did split theyr kingdom. The other part is situated in Angola. And it must have been in the late 17 th century that Chokwé's have been confontated with the European style chair.
  2. Hey Peter, sure! It measures 48 m high , by 24 by 32 cm.
  3. From a house cleareance. A litlle pré 1930 Belgian Congo Chokwé chair. It looks like a chair,but it is not ment to sit on it. It is a relic a status symbol. It not big, looks like a toy or a children chair... They can fetch treamendous high prices on auctions.
  4. A Belgian miniature I came by a while ago;
  5. Just got this one; Affe mit Schädel ("Ape with skull") is a famous work by the late-19th-century German artist ... Here;The Darwin Monkey Bronze Statue after Hugo Rheinhold
  6. If you are willing to part of it, I might be intrested.
  7. Stuka f

    Belgian Congo.

    Hey Owain, thanks for posting your group. I like it very much. First time I see a Mahenge miniature (the 4 th medal)medal. The last one is mistery to me too....
  8. Stuka f

    Belgian Congo.

    Here is a little blog I recently created, about one of my main fields of interest; http://out-of-congo.eklablog.com/
  9. Thanks for your answer. Even more impressive. Very nice and intresting
  10. Very impressive! And can you tell me what they are, please?
  11. hello all, I could need some help to ID the name on this 1950 paiting. I asume it is a Polish artist.
  12. Nice collection, nice deco! Allways wanted breast stars as well in the collection, but haven't got any so far.
  13. Klingenthal was the name of a blade factory in Mohlsheim, Mutzig and Gresswiller even named Clinquethal at one point (1735). The region changed several times from France to Germany during history and wars. Nothing uncommon to see French swords have Klingenthal marks.
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