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    Belgian Congo up to 1960, anything related to the city of Antwerp and militaria in general from ancient times to 1945.

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  1. Indeed. The medal was given 25 to 30 years after the facts to every zouave still alive. The document also says "the proves that he gave of his devotion even after the regiment was dissolved" ...must mean something! ?? As a child I was allways fascinated by the Papual zouaves on display at our national museum. I have been searching for flemish volunteers stuff ever since. I am nearly 60 and here it is.
  2. It is in, some better pic's; The document says; la santita di nostro signore si é degnata concedere una distinzione onorifica al soldat comune De Wispelaere Basile dei zuavi pontificii in attestato dei servizi resi nelle difesa della sant sede e delle proveche ha dato della sua divozione anche dopo che il corpo venne disciolto. Il tenente colonello comandante il reggimento ha il piacere di transmettere al medesimo la medaglia di bronze secondo il tenore del breve del dieci. Marzo mille ottencento novant uno il cui originale si conserva nell archivio della secretario del s
  3. Yes they certainly did, and a very elaborated answer. I was very pleased about this contact.
  4. When you remove the chin straps, you should be able to notice the regiment marks under the cocards, can you show these? And probably on the white tombac reinforcements edges, or on the inside around the spike emplacement, you should notice a makers mark (Jäeger, Lachmann, or any other...), is there any?
  5. Thanks for your reply. Would love to see them. There is a original and nicely framed pic for sale at the momment on the Belgian "tweedehands" site. The guy seemed to have the uniform too, but sold it.
  6. Sorry to say, but I have serious doubts by seeing the inside... Better pictures would help. Any makers marks? And what are the markings under the left cocarde?
  7. A very different item I have had on my secret list for years. Some of the things you do not expect to come by, ever... A medal to a Flemish Papal Zouave! Flanders has allways be a land of landsknechten but specialy for the Vatican, many Flemish boys enlisted. I am not religious but just, like the TR periode, this chapter of our history do interest me. It is not in yet, so better pic's will come up later.
  8. I also send a request to when I was doing my research nearly a month, maybe two... ago. To the national museum of Colombia. Here is what I got yesterday; Dear Sir, Thank you for addressing the National Museum of Colombia for your inquiries. We are delighted to know about your Colombian embassy portfolio or briefcase. Please excuse the delay in our response, the History Curatorial Department has been gathering all possible information that would help your better understanding for this historical artifact. Our researcher Santiago Robledo has kindly assembled the f
  9. hello, someone just asked me for anything related to North African and Middle East masonic items. I didn't know they even existed. He is looking for anything, even comtempory books or information. Can anyone help us, please?
  10. Hey Bayern, thanks. I saw that too, but what I am interested in is the periode my map is related to.
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