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    collector and author of Russian belt buckles (book: Russian Military Waistbelts); Russian cap cockades (book: Russian Military Cockades); Russian headdress honour scrolls (book: Russian Honour Scrolls); German belt buckles (book: German Military Waistbelts); German headdress honour scrolls (book: German Honour Scrolls); German police tschakos (book: German Police Tschakos).

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  1. Igor, I came upon your Bulgarian medal item when I searched the name Paul Meybauer. Your post features a Meybauer letter and sales catalogue details. I have been trying to find Meybauer's catalogue of about 1924, original or reprint, which features police tschakos. I already have the reprint of the C E Juncker catalogue. I would like to include in my eBook on German police tschakos the pictures of tschakos in the Meybauer catalogue. Are you able to help. I would also like a high resolution copy of the Meybauer letter in your medal post, so as to be able to include the letter head firm's name a
  2. Eva, Your man appears to be in kurassier uniform, note the cuffs, and holding a kurassier pallasch. Regards, Terry
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