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  1. Hi Guys ! Here is one thing that I have had high on my wanted list . And no it`s in Collection . LW Gravity Knife maker SMF Solingen . Jan Arne
  2. Hi Gordon ! Great that You got this Marine Kustenpolizei Cuffband . And it is in great condition . Jan Arne
  3. Back of B H Mayer Minesweeper . Not so often seen with "26" maker mark . Jan Arne
  4. A couple of new Minesweeper Bagdes . Both in well worn condition . Beco buntmetall Jan Arne
  5. Thanks Guys ! Hi Norm ! Really dont know why the Eagles head looks like this . Pointed also this for Gordon when I sent images to Him Yesterday . Jan Arne
  6. Hi Guys ! Got this L/56 Coastal Artillery Badge yesterday . Jan Arne
  7. PS ! I have had it under UV light , and front is not glimming . But on back just where the thread that goes around the tabs is cut . it is something that glimming inside the thread , but not the thread outside . Jan Arne
  8. Hi Guys ! This is not my part of Collection . I assume that this is a copy / FAKE . But I post it any way . Jan Arne
  9. Hi Guys ! Great ROAG`s . Karsten is the second one a cupal ? Jan Arne
  10. Hi Stijn ! I will do some scans from the Book and post sone . Jan Arne
  11. Photo of a Plane . Does any of You know what kind of plane this is . Jan Arne
  12. The Book Fliegen Lernen was also a part of this Group . Jan Arne
  13. Flugbuch for Pilot Rohe . I have always wished to have one of these in My Collection . Jan Arne
  14. Hi Guys ! Here is a small LW Pilot Group that I got for just some Weeks ago . Jan Arne
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