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  1. Mike, As is evident from the country's history, Germans love dressing up in uniforms. The military, para-military and party organisations that seem to be the focus for so many collectors certainly had the majority of uniforms and related badges, awards, etc. produced - if the collecting market is to be believed. Even today, many Germans are members of various organisations connected with hunting, hobbies, voluntary fire brigades, bands and orchestras, carneval societies, historical tradition, etc. that still have uniforms. In the past, companies, hotels, towns and cities also had fairly high demand for uniforms, too. Modern German uniforms still use Tresse, cuff bands, buttons, peaked caps, piping, shoulder boards, collar patches, cockades, buckles, etc., which are often made by the same companies that supplied the military and party organisations in the past. Judging by what I have seen at flea markets and various events over the years, the buttons you show could have been used by one of the above organisations for a private or official livery at some time over the last 90 years. Do any of the uniform characteristics in the pictures below seem remotely familiar? They are all taken from current tradion, fire brigade or rifle association sites. /David http://www.buergerwache-crailsheim.de/32.0.html
  2. Rick, Thanks for the tip (although I should have seen a pinned thread :speechless-smiley-004: ). Is there any particular reason why the thread has been closed? Thanks again, David
  3. They might just belong to a Verein or any other organisation that used liveries and/or uniforms, which certainly fits in with the German mindset of old.
  4. My 1912 Prussian rank list is complete, except for the pages explaining the abbreviations for the awards. flame Until someone compiles a list for mere mortals such as I, these cryptic abbreviations will remain just that, I'm afraid.
  5. WOW. The veteran's decoration is not uncommon and can be found with many different unit designations, but the clasp shown for China is probably one of the hardest to find.
  6. Chris, Your man would have worn a bar with an EK2 and a Sachsen-Meiningen medal for merit in war like this: About 24,000 of these were awarded. They were given to other ranks and NCOs. Officers received the cross, which looked much the same except that the cross was cut out inside the ring and it was suspended from a crown. The documents are fairly uncommon and, in my view, highly underrated (and I hope it stays that way). Cheers, David
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