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  1. Sure! they are official and original italian medals, but there are other models of italians official medals
  2. The edges of this Cuban medal are a little bit irregular but the medal seems to be original.
  3. Hi Bill, There are 4 different Lorioli & Castelli models with the signature. For your medal without signature, please send me some pictures, I hope I can identify them...
  4. yes the Lorioli's variants are four; Type 4 without signature is another medal
  5. Hi Bill, thank you for your opinion, Yes, i got it from "Mercado Livre" Claudio
  6. Hi Gentlemen of the Club, Hi Lambert, I would like to have your opinion about this medal from Brazil. Thank's Claudio. (Macchianera72)
  7. Dear johnnymac, In my opinion, the photo of medal by site "Order of decorations of medals 1914-1918" (on the right) is in very low resolution and of poor quality...(medal appear to be stretched) probably this fact makes we to mistake: i have this medal... for me is like unofficial tipe-3 of your book (pag.254 2nd ed.) Probably a Butuller's new type. What do you think? Thank's for your Book (i love it) and sorry for my bad English. Macchianera72
  8. Dear Bill, I have about 40 victory medals of Belgium (official type). I tried to classify them by types, considering: weight, diameter, thickness, suspension ball, etc ... Your example is very interesting for me and not common I have only one medal similar to yours (for suspension device) but mine is not reddish. However, I think your medal is original, and mine probably is a copy. weight = 20,1 gr. diameter = 36,02 mm thickness = 2,0 mm ball / thick wire = 4,4 mm (large)
  9. Hello Gentlemen, The Italian Victory medal unofficial type 3 is very rare... I know only two collectors in Italy who have it, one of this medal is in bronze, the other in white metal, These medals have the "staffa" as a suspension device... The medal in my photo is the one mentioned by Laslo on page 57 (note 18) "The unofficial type 3 obverse design also apears on a Belgian medal of the period. ..." The reverse is blank The suspension device is a ball The ribbon is the same described by Laslo (note 18) and it is the only medal I've seen of this type. Can we consider this medal like "Italian unofficial type 3-A ?
  10. Hello Gentlemen, Lorioli Type (short signature) with different suspension device: "angular staffa" The "staffa" does not seem to have traces of welding Anyone knows other Italian Victory Medals with this suspension device? Thank's Macchianera72
  11. Hello, I show two peculiarities 1) a second type of landing victory ... 2) a modified landing victory medal
  12. I show you another type of the Inter-Allied medal document (hard to find) issued by the district of the city of Perugia
  13. Hello, I'm from Italy... In my opinion the Diploma of Sumserbrown is not of the italian interallied victory medal, but it is what the medal "coined in bronze enemy" On the official Italian Victory medal the date is MCMXIV (1914) and not MCMXV (1915) like in the Sumserbrown Diploma the right diploma is in the picture... (the date is MCMXIV)
  14. Hallo Lambert, this is not the first I have many Interallied Victory Medals, but for the first time I have one of Siam in my hands, I'm looking for 4 medals: 1) The issue of South Africa bilingual without mark 2) U.S. Victory Medal with "Beveled Lug" suspension device 3) Italian Victory Medals unofficial (rare types) 4) The Brasilian Victory Medal ...and few other unofficial types Kind Regards Claudio, from Italy
  15. Hello to all, What do you think of my last purchase? is an original? thank's, Claudio from Italy,
  16. I have some doubts about the cylinder of suspension...
  17. observed normally seems ok... but observed with a magnifying glass I have some doubts ... Hi Lambert, I modified the previous post showing the back of the medal
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