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  1. If he had the Star of the St. Stanislaus Order, the Rangliste would say "RSt2mSt". Like you say, it's very unlikely (I would dare say even impossible) he was awarded the Star during WW1. My source for the Hohenzollern Hausorden Komtur with swords is the Seeoffiziere Gesamtliste. You can also see it on the photo, top medal around the neck. There is no indication he also had the Star of this order, and I doubt that's the Star visible on the photo. I am 100% sure it's a photo and not a composite. Sure, the medals mounted look a little odd, but I guess that was his personal prefere
  2. The Norwegian Order of St. Olaf was usually awarded to German Admirals before the outbreak of WW1. I don't think that's the breast star Rogge is wearing. Other orders you mention are even more less likely. I think we won't be able to determine what the breast star is without seeing the full photo of the star. Unfortunately... Anyways, thank you to everyone for their help regarding this.
  3. Oh, you mean Raeder. Yes, he was awarded the Imperial Chinese Order of the Double Dragon 3rd Class, 2nd Grade on 10 October 1898. But I never saw him wear it. Either on the medal bar or ribbon bar. Sorry.
  4. Once again, I kindly ask for help regarding the two colonial medals that are visible on the medal bar. The photos are not the best, but I hope they will help at least a little bit. Here is some info about his career that might me useful in determining what the medals are: - First Officer, Torpedo Training Ship "Blücher" (01 October 1896-30 September 1898) - First Officer, Battleship "Wörth" (01 October 1898-30 September 1899) - Torpedo Director, Imperial Shipyard Kiel (01 October 1899-27 September 1902) - Commandant, Light Cruiser "Niobe" (28 September 1902-06 April 19
  5. After I compile the lists of awards of all the Imperial (and other periods, for example Reichsmarine and pre-1871) admirals, I intend to share it. That's my ultimate goal. I did the same thing with Kriegsmarine Admirals. Over on the Axis History Forum I have a thread called "Database of Kriegsmarine Admirals" where I posted photos and lists of awards of every single Kriegsmarine Admiral. That was never done before (the lists of awards part I mean). Feel free to check it out: https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=239341 That is the main reason why I'm asking for help with a
  6. I didn't know that he compiled the Seeoffiziere Gesamtliste. I was given this list by another member of the forum. It's my bad then, and I apologize for my mistake. My badge says I'm an active contributor on this forum. I don't care what other people think "active contribution" means. Sandro implied I only ask for help, while I give nothing in return. That's simply not true. Feel free to check my posting history, and you will see plenty of instances where I also helped and answered other people's questions. Regardless what you think, "asking questions" does indeed contribute to this forum
  7. Not possible I'm afraid. This is the only known photo of him that I took from the book "Deutschlands Admirale". It doesn't show the full body.
  8. Thank you Demir. Because he's a military person, I think it's more likely to be the Life Saving Medal.
  9. 1 - Order of Osmaniye 2nd Class 2 - Order of the Medjidie 2nd Class 3 - Is this an Ottoman Medal? Does anyone know what it is? Thanks!
  10. I agree, I should have thanked him. If you are reading this, thank you Markus. As you can see from my name, I am more of an expert on Kriegsmarine Admirals. And people here rarely have questions about Kriegsmarine Admirals. Don't you think I also contribute by asking questions? I personally do. Regards
  11. Thanks, you are right I guess. I think you meant "most likely steel" (not bronze). Bronze was awarded for active participation.
  12. Sorry, but his information is from the Seeoffiziere Gesamtliste that I already have. And it doesn't reveal anything about the question I asked.
  13. Thank you Dan! I agree with you. Now regarding the class of the medal. Since he wasn't actively involved in China during the Boxer Rebellion (he was at the time the Executive of the Weapons Department, Imperial Naval Office (11 November 1895-13 July 1904), I think the class would be Stahl (Steel) and not Bronze. Do you agree? The steel medal was awarded to people contributing to the war effort at home and the sailors of the merchant fleet transporting the soldiers to China.
  14. I doubt it's an Ottoman award. The tips of the Breast Star don't look like either the Medjidije or Osmaniye Order Breast Star.
  15. Can anyone help me confirm if Vizeadmiral Leo Jacobson was awarded the Roter Adler-Orden 2. Klasse mit Eichenlaub, Schwertern und Stern mit Schwertern on 01 April 1918? Perhaps someone could check in the Militär-Wochenblatt or Marineverordnungsblatt? Please... Thank you
  16. What is the Breast Star he is wearing above the Breast Star of the Kronen Orden 2. Klasse? Could it be the Großherzoglich Oldenburgischen Haus- und Verdienstorden des Herzogs Peter Friedrich Ludwig? If yes, which class? Perhaps Großkreuz, because he is wearing a sash? Again, nothing in the Rangliste. Thanks
  17. What is the Breast Star he is wearing below the Großherzoglich Oldenburgisches Friedrich August-Kreuz 1. Klasse? There is nothing in the Rangliste. Thanks
  18. Can someone help me with the 2nd to last medal (before the Centenarmedaille). It's clearly one of the 3 colonial medals (based on the shape of the medal): - Kolonial-Denkmünze - China-Denkmünze - Südwestafrika-Denkmünze But which one? My guess is the Kolonial-Denkmünze (based on the ribbon). But I can't confirm it. Perhaps someone else can. He served on board the Panzerfregatte "Friedrich Carl" (May 1880-September 1880) and the Artillerieschulschiff "Mars" (October 1882-May 1883). Perhaps this info can help in determining which colonial medal it is. Thanks
  19. Hello. What are the two Ottoman awards circled red (around the neck and breast star)? What class are they? Are they with or without Swords? Thanks!
  20. Hello. Does anyone have a better quality version of this photo of Char. Konteradmiral Karl von Restorff? Thanks!
  21. For Char. Vizeadmiral Paul Freiherr von Reibnitz I found an abbreviation: BFDA "1870" Can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks
  22. These two pieces of paper come from the book "Deutschlands Admirale 1849-1945, Band 3" by Hans Hildebrand and Ernest Henriot. They don't reveal anything about his decorations.
  23. Hello Sandro, I am not Komtur. Here is a screenshot from the Weitze website about this ribbon bar. Thanks for the comment. I agree this bar doesn't seem to belong to Otto Philipp. The award list comes from the 1914 Rangliste. Philipp was a z.D. officer during WW1 and he is not listed in the 1916 and 1918 Rangliste. Is it possible the Saxony, St Heinrich knight and Friedrichsorden knight 2nd class with swords were awarded during wartime?
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