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  1. He retired on 23 May 1918. But his last rank was Marineoberchefingnieur (equivalent to the rank of Kapitän zur See) (from 13 July 1916). On 23 August 1919 he was "Rang als Konteradmiral (Ing.) verliehen". It doesn't say it was a Charakter rank, but it has to be, since he was retired for over a year when he got the rank. He would most certainly be considered Konteradmiral a. D. of the Kaiserliche Marine. In my opinion, all officers that got promoted to admiral ranks until 1 January 1921 (when the Reichsmarine was officialy established) are considered Kaiserliche Marine admirals.
  2. Thank you Demir. Yes, I mentioned it because I saw it on the photo. I just wanted to be sure if it's really the Ottoman War Medal.
  3. For Adolf Schützler or Oskar von Truppel? Here is for both: Adolf Schützler (03 August 1860 in Bonn – 13 January 1932 in Aachen) Oskar von Truppel (17 May 1854 in Katzhütte - 20 August 1931 in Berlin-Frohnau)
  4. For the duration of the war he was the Fleet Engineer with the Command of the High Seas Fleet, then the High Seas Forces (30 March 1914-02 April 1918). He retired on 23 May 1918. Yes, it's the Lübeckisches Hanseatenkreuz. Here is his list of awards: -Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden II. Klasse mit Schwertern (02. 03. 1918) -Eisernes Kreuz (1914) I. Klasse -Eisernes Kreuz (1914) II. Klasse -Königlich Preußische Kaiser Wilhelm-Centenarmedaille 1897 -Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden IV. Klasse -Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden III. Klasse -Königlich Preußi
  5. Is this the Ottoman War Medal (Harp Madalyası) he is wearing? Thanks
  6. I updated Hugo's list of awards (see above). The correct date for his Stern zum KO2 is 18 January 1901. The November date is for Oscar. Here is the list of Oscar von Schuckmann's awards and a photo: -Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden II. Klasse mit Eichenlaub (18. 01. 1901) -Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden II. Klasse mit dem Stern (09. 11. 1901) -Königlich Preußische Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzüge 1870–71 für Kämpfer -Königlich Preußische Kaiser Wilhelm-Centenarmedaille 1897 -Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden III. Klasse mit der Schleife -Königlich Preußisc
  7. I guess he then wasn't awarded the Stern to his RAO2mE. And the two dates listed for his KO2mSt both refer to the KO2. But only one date can be correct. I just found the PDF of the Deutscher Ordens-Almanach 1904/05 you used for Hugo von Schuckmann. Here, Schröder also doesn't have the Stern to his RAO2mE.
  8. I guess this is the website of the "Neues Adels-Portefeuille 1200 bis 1945"? http://home.foni.net/~adelsforschung2/portefeuille08.htm In this case, zur Disposition doesn't mean they were active after they retired (during WW1 for example). It means "Vizeadmiral zur Disposition" was their last rank and position. In both their cases zur Disposition means "retired", since they weren't active after that. For example, Hugo von Schuckmann was "zur Disposition gestellt unter Verleihung des Charakters als Vizeadmiral" on 14 December 1901. Yes, zur Disposition meant that he could be used as Of
  9. I have a question very similar to the one I asked about the Roter Adler-Orden of Char. Vizeadmiral Hugo von Schuckmann. See here: https://gmic.co.uk/topic/77147-roter-adler-orden-of-char-vizeadmiral-hugo-von-schuckmann/ Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Schröder was awarded the RAO2mE on 08 August 1889. The Seeoffiziere Gesamtliste, just like in Schuckmann's case, lists the KO2mSt twice (see the photo below). I believe the first date (11 January 1892) is the date of him being awarded the Stern to the Kronen-Orden 2. Klasse. The second date (17 January 1892) should then be the award date of
  10. Thank you very much for confirming that Schuckmann was awarded the RAO2mE! He was born on 04 January 1848 in Viecheln, Mecklenburg. He died on 07 December 1931 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. To my knowledge, he didn't become Vizeadmiral zur Disposition in WWI. Where did you see that information? If you are referring to Oscar von Schuckmann, he was born in 1851. That would make him his younger brother. But I don't know if they were brothers? How do you know that? Also, what more do you want to know about Oscar? *EDITED Here is the list of Hugo von Schuckmann's awards: -Königlic
  11. I need help regarding his Roter Adler Orden 2. Klasse. On this photo provided by Sandro, we can see he is wearing the RAO2 around the neck, below the Kronen Orden 2. Klasse. The photo was taken sometime between 16 November 1898 (his promotion to Konteradmiral) and 14 December 1901 (his retirement). As far as I'm aware, he's wearing these two decorations wrong. RAO2 should be on the top and KO2 below it. I'm having trouble confirming the exact Class of the RAO2. I know it's the 2. Klasse for sure. Schuckmann retired on 14 December 1901. I don't have the 1900 or 1901 Kaiserliche Marine Rang
  12. I found this: "He disagreed with some views of Grand Admiral Prince Heinrich of Prussia, specifically with regards to using submarine warfare. To his great surprise, he was asked into retirement by the Emperor on 18 September 1915. Funke suffered from depression and died aged 67 in 1932 in Berlin, where he had lived in retirement." Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Funke
  13. I'm not sure what photo you mean, but try and look here: https://gmic.co.uk/topic/77098-char-admiral-gustav-schmidt-medal-bar-id/ Char. Admiral Gustav Schmidt had the breast star of the Oranien-Nassau.
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