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  1. Hello, does anyone have a photo of Char. Marineobergeneralarzt Dr. med. Richard Spiering (1861-?)? There is no photo of him in the Volume III. of the "Deutschlands Admirale", page 351. Thanks!
  2. 28. 01. 1920 Vizeadmiral mit RDA vom 12. 12. 1919 12. 05. 1920 änderung des Patents als Vizeadmiral auf RDA. vom 29. 10. 1919
  3. Please help me ID his medal bar: - Eisernes Kreuz (1914) 2. Klasse - Ritterkreuz des Königlich Preußischen Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern - Königlich Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz - Königlich Preußische Kaiser Wilhelm-Centenarmedaille 1897 - Bremisches Hanseatenkreuz - Königlich Bayerischer Militärverdienstorden 3. Klasse mit der Krone und Schwertern - Großherzoglich Oldenburgisches Friedrich August-Kreuz 2. Klasse - Großherzoglich Mecklenburg-Schwerinsches Militärverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse - ??? The odd thing is,
  4. Hello Sandro, I was finally able to identify all the admirals on your photos. Here are the ID's, in the order you posted them: Char. Admiral Max Rollmann Char. Admiral Max Rollmann (the zoom-in of the photo above) Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Schack Admiral Ludwig von Schröder Admiral Friedrich Graf von Baudissin Admiral Ludwig von Schröder Char. Konteradmiral Otto Herbig Admiral Friedrich von Ingenohl Vizeadmiral Leo Jacobson Großadmiral Hans von Koester Admiral August von Thomsen Char. Vizeadmiral Felix Funke Char. Vizeadmir
  5. Yes, I think you are right about the Nischan Iftikar-Orden, and that he got the Großoffizierkreuz. I found it listed as "TNJft1" and I pressumed this meant the Großkreuz. Thanks for the sources regarding the HSEH3a. My source didn't list it (it listed SA3a instead), and I guess then the "Ritterkreuz I. Klasse des Königlich Sächsischen Albrechts-Ordens" should be replaced with HSEH3a? Do you agree? Regarding the Kolonial-Denkmünze mit Spange „Deutsch-Ostafrika 1888/89“. You are correct that he was dead when this medal was being awarded. But I think it was awarded to him
  6. Does anyone know if Marinegeneralstabsarzt Dr. med. Paul Schmidt was awarded the EK I and EK II? He was in active service until 24 May 1916. Thanks!
  7. Hello, does anyone have a photo of Char. Marineobergeneralarzt Dr. med. Claudius Richelot (1863-1929)? There is no photo of him in the Volume III. of the "Deutschlands Admirale", page 113. Thanks!
  8. Your source for this award? Also, for the Albrechts-Orden I have "mit Schwertern" (as visible on the first photo). My list: -Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden II. Klasse mit Eichenlaub, Schwertern und Stern (10. 09. 1890) -Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden II. Klasse mit Schwertern und Stern (01. 11. 1889) -Königlich Preußische Kriegsdenkmünze 1864 für Kämpfer -Königlich Preußische Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzüge 1870–71 für Kämpfer -Kolonial-Denkmünze mit Spange „Deutsch-Ostafrika 1888/89“ -Kaiserlich Türkische Goldene Medaille zur Erinnerung an den Besuch Kaiser W
  9. Hello, does anyone have a photo of Char. Marineobergeneralarzt Dr. med. Robert Martin (1864-1929)? There is no photo of him in the Volume II. of the "Deutschlands Admirale", page 437. Thanks!
  10. Is the 2nd ribbon from the right the Bayerisches König Ludwig-Kreuz? And was he awarded the Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges (2nd ribbon) with Swords or without Swords? Since he got the regular EK2 (and not the one on the white ribbon for non-combatants) he must have received the Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges mit Schwertern. But on your ribbon bar there is no Swords device? How is that? Nice ribbon bar by the way!
  11. What is the last medal on his medal bar? The clasp above it also seems to be a part of the medal. The second to last medal should be the Ritterkreuz des Königlichen Ordens der Württembergischen Krone (WK3). Between 1902 and 1906, Trummler was the Naval Attaché in Tokyo. Could this last medal be a Japanese medal of some sorts? Or is it a Jubilee/Coronation medal from some other country? For example Great Britain. Trummler was Commander of the British Royal Victorian Order (GV3). Thanks!
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