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  1. Is the 2nd ribbon from the right the Bayerisches König Ludwig-Kreuz? And was he awarded the Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges (2nd ribbon) with Swords or without Swords? Since he got the regular EK2 (and not the one on the white ribbon for non-combatants) he must have received the Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges mit Schwertern. But on your ribbon bar there is no Swords device? How is that? Nice ribbon bar by the way!
  2. What is the last medal on his medal bar? The clasp above it also seems to be a part of the medal. The second to last medal should be the Ritterkreuz des Königlichen Ordens der Württembergischen Krone (WK3). Between 1902 and 1906, Trummler was the Naval Attaché in Tokyo. Could this last medal be a Japanese medal of some sorts? Or is it a Jubilee/Coronation medal from some other country? For example Great Britain. Trummler was Commander of the British Royal Victorian Order (GV3). Thanks!
  3. Italy entered the war on 23 May 1915. Tapke could have been awarded the EK2 before that date, and he would still be allowed to wear the Italian Crown Order until 23 May 1915.
  4. Please help me ID the 3rd and 4th medals on his medal bar. My guesses: 3rd medal: Königlich Preußische Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzüge 1870–71 für Kämpfer (although it is not listed for him in the 1904/05 and 1908/09 Deutscher Ordens-Almanach) 4th medal: China-Denkmünze, possibly in Stahl (for non-combatants) (he was in China between 1896 and 1898 as Commandant of the Protected Cruiser „Prinzeß Wilhelm“. This was before the outbreak of the Boxer Rebellion in November 1899, at which time he was the Commander of the II. Matrosen-Division) Please tell me if you agree. Thanks!
  5. What is the 2nd medal around the neck and the Breast Star? I believe they are the same order. To me it looks like the Orden der Krone von Italien, Großoffizierskreuz? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  6. Thank you guys for the confirmation! Deutschritter, here are his promotion dates: 23.04.1878 Eintritt in die Marine als Kadett 14.06.1879 (P) Seekadett 17.01.1882 Unterleutnant zur See, Patentierung vorbehalten 16.11.1882 Patent als Unterleutnant zur See mit RDA. vom 17.12.1881 (O) 18.08.1885 Leutnant zur See 14.11.1892 (B) Kapitänleutnant 16.05.1899 Korvettenkapitän, Patentierung vorbehalten 16.07.1899 Patent als Korvettenkapitän mit RDA. vom 16.05.1899 (C) 27.01.1904 Fregattenkapitän 27.01.1905 (B) Kapitän zur See 27.01.1910 (A) Kon
  7. Does anyone know if Vizeadmiral Maximilian Graf von Spee was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class? Thanks
  8. He retired on 23 May 1918. But his last rank was Marineoberchefingnieur (equivalent to the rank of Kapitän zur See) (from 13 July 1916). On 23 August 1919 he was "Rang als Konteradmiral (Ing.) verliehen". It doesn't say it was a Charakter rank, but it has to be, since he was retired for over a year when he got the rank. He would most certainly be considered Konteradmiral a. D. of the Kaiserliche Marine. In my opinion, all officers that got promoted to admiral ranks until 1 January 1921 (when the Reichsmarine was officialy established) are considered Kaiserliche Marine admirals.
  9. Thank you Demir. Yes, I mentioned it because I saw it on the photo. I just wanted to be sure if it's really the Ottoman War Medal.
  10. For Adolf Schützler or Oskar von Truppel? Here is for both: Adolf Schützler (03 August 1860 in Bonn – 13 January 1932 in Aachen) Oskar von Truppel (17 May 1854 in Katzhütte - 20 August 1931 in Berlin-Frohnau)
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