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      Collect all aspects of TR daggers to alders love anything TENO.<br />Also am one of the biggest collectors of CANADIAN WW1 insignia and am always looking for CEF material <br /><br />and have three SCOTTISH TERRIERS my family

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    1. Been awhile here is an update of my small collection of TENO through the glass, if you compare to same pics long ago on here there are a few new pieces but hard to find Hello DAVE
    2. to me looks period and matches my stuff, point to note those ink stamps are always used to enhance an item so one must look carefully at them see no problem in yours.
    3. we live now in an era of information not available even as late as the 80s. RESEARCHERS are now collecting the papers of the time with the rules and regulations and yes the forums are a great asset if used correctly. These so callled obscure units where so mainly due to their small size from the start and many of the rank and file in late war could be identified only by an arm band the uniforms being reserved for the elite ranks. Anyhow the fun of the hobby is the hunt PAUL
    4. yes the uniforms for all ranks are very nice, but as for price have not seen one for along time so no data to go by and no guesses either market is to fluid PAUL
    5. there where several bidders , but unfortunately many are just trying to fill holes and actually know very little about the badges or the times. Any of these so called interm badges where made up for ONTARIO UNITS in the 1914-15 period only and there is some photo evidence of this. For this unit 2nd tanks it was never formed to late in the war.
    6. a very odd in fact a made up badge to the 2nd tank battn has just sold for 3,700 usd. The badge overlay-ed unofficially over a 1st tank badge has never been seen till this date and the unit was never formed but may have been staffed at wars end. Someone has paid an enormous sum for a hat badge with no provenance out of an old collection notorious for made up badges and never seen before in the last 100 years crazy.
    7. I have these AUSTRIAN police collars and was wondering if anyone had more info on them especially if they are pre war era thanks PAUL
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