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  1. Thanks for the reply Joe. Your translation seems to make sense. The sub does not rotate but appears to have been brazed to the circular instrument plate for decorative purposes at the time the plaque was made up and attached to the wood backing of the plaque. Richard
  2. I'm trying to find a connection between U-129 and a LtzS Curt Rechel. The attached picture appears to be a plate off an instrument panel of some sort with a submarine side view mounted within the circle. The reverse side of the plaque has a brass plate attached reading as follows: U-129 Leutnant-zur-See CURT RECHEL 28.4.44 LAROCHELLE I know U-129 was taken out of service at Lorient on 4 July 1944 and scuttled there on 18 August 1944. The plaque is dated 10 days after the scuttling raised the question of whether or not this plate was removed from U-129 prior to scuttling. The only Curt Rechel that I have been able to locate as a FKpt. Curt Rechel (RK winner) a commander of Destoyer Z-29 in 1943. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. According to Major Louis E. Grimshaw's book The Badges and Insignia of the Canadian Airbone Forces; "This shoulder title was apparently designed by Major Randy Routh, who was also involved in the design of the cap badge and who later commanded the training centre at shilo. The title, authorized 8 April 1943, is dark green melton cloth with white embroidered lettering, and is found in two varieties, one having shorter letters than the other. The titles were first issued at Shilo in 1943 .................... Although the Battalion changed its shoulder title the following year, it is presumed that the "AIRBORNE CANADA" title remained in wear at the school in Canada." Hope this helps.
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