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  1. Nice model Gordon. I had always hoped that some one would manufacture a set of conning tower configurations in cast metal. Not even the whole boat but just the conning tower area. Richard
  2. Thanks for stepping up and expressing your thoughts Chris. I anxiously await a reply from Juergen as I have a lot more questions for him. Richard
  3. A member of the Kriegsmarine was wounded on Oct 4 or 14, 1944 and was awarded the Silver Wound Badge on December 6, 1944 in hospital in Wien. The regiment that he was serving in was identified as follows: "Geb. A.R. Rg 79/XI Btl". I'd like to know what regiment that this stands for in an attempt to determine where this fellow was wound and in what action. On January 17, 1945 he was presented the Minesweeper War Badge, signed by KA Ernst Lucht. Thanks for any help. Richard
  4. Hi Gordon and Norm. Interesting, your badge appears to be the same as my partially de-nazified badge. I think I might have posted this before. Richard
  5. Thanks for the reply Norm. Just trying to someday have a MS fleet to rival yours. Richard
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