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  1. Hello Folks The only signature i can identify out of all of them ! Photograph believed taken in Belgrade 1938 Gentleman in question http://www.geocities.ws/orion47.geo/WEHRMACHT/HEER/Generalleutnant/FABER_MORITZ.html
  2. May i point you towards the following thread on a.n other forum http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/equipment-field-gear/study-interwar-british-empire-made-303-cloth-bandoliers-625001/
  3. Hello folks Here is my small submission...miniatures of the Order of the Niger military and Order of the federal republic civil also included is pictures of the suspension pins and packaging as they would have been shipped from the mint (shrink wrapped polythene onto cardboard)
  4. Thank you so much for the information and the links to the excellent articles.....my quest to identify them is complete The articles you linked to describe everything far better than anything i could find online once again many thanks 922F
  5. Hello folks I came across these miniatures recently and am getting a little confused as to exactly what i have ,I know that i have an order of the star of romania and 2 order of the crown of romania,however,with 6 classes per medal this is where my confusion stems from . One crown is silver and the other is gilt which im assuming means different classes and the order of the star is silver,none have any makers marks or any other identifying features So if anyone could help with exactly what i have or point me in the direction of further information on the web it would be much app
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