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  1. Now I mainly focus my collection on Blood Orders and Golden Party Badges. When they can be attributed or come with documents it's even better !
  2. Thanks Justin! Earlier than 2000 I was too young and could only afford a few common awards like EKs … so when I started collecting Blood orders the prices were already quite high … I have done some research to identify the recipients with some interesting results. Once the archives open again I should get more information Here for example a cased Blood order #2909 that the previous owner purchased directly from the recipient, Franz Hansmann, 52 years ago in Munich. He was SS Untersturmführer and active in the KL Auschwitz. Was also recipient of the GPB and TK ring.
  3. The writing is a bit misleading but as Trooper said the dedication is dated from 1933 !
  4. Hi, This is not my field of collection so I would like to have your opinions about this photo album of a huge collection from the Napoleonic empire. It contains 7 large size photos and the collection is really impressive ! The album is luxurious and measures 30x40 cm There is a dedication dated from 1933 : "Respectueux Souvenirs à Monsieur Vallot Directeur Général des Services d'Alsace et Lorraine - Strasbourg le 22 Novembre 1933 - Ed.Weil" I've found out that Paul Valot (and not "Vallot" as written in the dédicace !) was Préfet and Directeur général des services d'Alsace et de Lorraine à la Présidence du Conseil from 1925 à 1941. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commissaire_général_de_la_République_chargé_de_réorganiser_les_trois_anciens_départements_d'Alsace-Lorraine
  5. Hello, This is my first post on the forum ! I have been collecting TR badges for a few years. Now I focus my collection on political awards, items related to the annexion of Alsace and the occupation of Paris. Here an overview of the badges I enjoy collecting See you
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