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  1. Dear collectors, I have always wanted to know the order and medals won by the last Governor of Qingdao. Can anyone tell me, in addition, it is best to have other photos of him. Thank you
  2. Thank you. It turned out that he was the owner of the farm. I can't open Wikipedia.
  3. Dear gentlemen, when I recently browsed the photos, I found that there was a gentleman beside Khrushchev who was smiling happily, and I wanted to know what his name was or his profile. I found that Khrushchev had him in most corn photos. . . Thank you
  4. I also think this is the Lut Pod Jubilee Medal in Bavaria. Watching the front portrait of the character, it looks to the left and the officer has also served in Bavaria for 25 years. He has no reason not to win the Jubilee Medal. I think the fourth trophy is Lufthansa Bremen. PS, why doesn't your brother come to the forum?
  5. 若衫市=A place name in a city in Japan Long Zeding roughly means a street name 相马郡福田村=Place name I guess it means it was mailed from this place 明治三十七八年=1904-1905年 This certificate was issued to Japanese soldiers who participated in the Russo-Japanese War. Nick has told you something else This medal was set up on March 31, 1906. Its price in China is about twenty dollars. It comes in a wooden box and is particularly cheap
  6. Mr. Chris is already collecting British battle medals? And I am still worried about having no money to order German medals. .
  7. These are not my collection, I personally think it belongs to the silver level
  8. it is good! Very large yard. I want to ask if you need a faithful guard (I suggest myself)
  9. Dear Sir, I need a comparison chart of various versions of the Spanish Military Order of Merit, can you send it to me? Thank you
  10. what! I especially like the Alexandrian Order of the Kingdom of Bulgaria
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