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  1. Gentlemen, I came here again the day before yesterday and found that the house still exists. And I also saw the old stone bridge Please pay attention to the railings, they still exist. In the past, the scenery here was particularly beautiful. . Now there are people who have bees here. .
  2. I think that on the right side of the Saxony-Eunstin order is the 50th anniversary of the Grand Duchy of Baden in 1902. The last one, I can't see clearly.
  3. Friend, I am honored to discover this article, and I am very happy that you have been active in this forum for so many years. I have just purchased a cross from the Kingdom of Hungary with a mini breast star.
  4. Dear Sir, my friend Chris has recommended you to me. I would like to ask you what you think about my post. I can't find the Hanover August III wedding medal. I need help, but I don't understand German. Thank you


  5. Hello, Mr. Paul. I have a question about the Bulgarian 1887 election commemorative medal, not a Bulgarian, can you get it? For example, German or Austrian-Hungarian can get it? Thank you

  6. Gentlemen, does anyone know if this medal is not for Bulgarians? For example, Austrian-Hungarians can get it?
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