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  1. Sure enough, it was made by the Spaniards themselves, and looked like a "loser" from the back. The solder joints are all leaking on the surface PS:I have been confused about the difference between the Charles III order and the Isabella order and the Spanish civil order? Are these three orders not all civil? Was the reason for the decline of the Kingdom of Spain because of the establishment of too many orders, which ran out of the silver robbed from the Inca Empire. .
  2. Please help me find out where my order comes from? Native Spain? I feel that my order-making time should be earlier than Mr. Graf's.
  3. 解放华中南纪念章=This is a battle medal, a medal for the liberation of central and southern China
  4. 塞满一裤子兜! I like Mr. Graff's speech very much, life is like this. Ups and downs like sea waves. PS I don’t like mini, mainly because of limited funds
  5. Wow! Your bars are great! I would like to ask if the last medal of this medal bar is the 1908 Messina Earthquake Rescue Medal?
  6. If you repair them, will the people from the "war-like" countries continue to attack you and make fakes? I am looking forward to your repair! Ordinary people can't do it
  7. It's rare to find that you publish an article here. . It feels like I found a polar bear in Antarctica. The first medal, "Develop sports and enhance the people's physique" is a commonly used slogan, usually when I walk across the rostrum during a sports meeting (it looks like a fool, I did it when I was in school). At the bottom of the medal, "Friendship first. Second in the game" In 1978, the six-unit airplane parachuting competition, the third place. The second medal is for Japan. Fortunately, most of them are in Chinese, which I probably understand is: Tokyo International XX Conference The 17th All-Japan Gymnastics Competition Article 2 1963.10 Japan Gymnastics Association . . It seems that there are no such valuable medals. The price is very low. You can chat with me privately if you have medals about Chinese in the future.
  8. The awarding time of this medal: August 1950 to October 20, 1952. I can send other information if you need it. PS this medal does not look good. I do not recommend you to buy
  9. I also think you should not be sad, besides, you are very sincere and enthusiastic! If you are not short of money, I suggest not to sell it. After all, this is a gift from your relatives and should be remembered. (I also hope that I have such relatives. Do you have such relatives to introduce to me?)
  10. Collectors, this is the first time I have posted my question in this section. I think it is better to ask this question here. I would like to know what information the commemorative medal issued by Emperor Franz to the Russian Infantry Regiment in commemoration of the 60th year of his reign? Quantity sent? I know this is a medal awarded by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but it is not the same as the common Russian medal ring In addition, I would like to know if the medal in the picture above is a fake or fake? Any answer would be greatly appreciated
  11. Thank you for your answer, although I don't quite understand it. But I still congratulate you on getting a set of great and beautiful bars
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