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  1. Thank you for removing the idea of my purchase
  2. https://www.nissho.or.jp/ Japan Fire Protection Association website https://www.nissho.or.jp/ Japanese Fire history you. . Can you understand? Similar to Chinese characters
  3. Collectors, I found that this group of Austrian medal bars that were auctioned on Emedal is now in China. But I think it looks weird, because there are many unreasonable places. So I want to ask you, have you seen this weird combination? Or is this a fake? Question 1: The combination did not see the combined Austrian medal nor the Sudeten medal. . 2: Shouldn't 25 years of service be side by side with 12 years of service? How come alone 3: Why does the hook look different when it goes through? Here I ask collectors to help me, thank you! The Austrian WW1 mem
  4. congratulations! It looks great, and it also has a mark
  5. This group of bars seems to be assembled later. After the Russo-Japanese War, until Emperor Showa was enthroned, there were no medals during WW1. In my opinion, it should be Emperor Taisho’s enthronement.
  6. I have only seen this type of officer-level Ethiopian star on the forum
  7. 陆军炮兵=Army Artillery 满期纪念=It should be the end of the service period 近卫步兵=Guardian means the person next to the emperor. If you are a French, you are equivalent to a veteran under Napoleon (but not a disabled soldier). I hope you can understand what I mean. 大南氏=His last name The last two photos. I can only recognize the meaning of one word. I am surprised that "Japanese X" did not answer your question for the first time. He is always eager to help others.
  8. It really looks great! And the price is not expensive. I wish you an early sale. Actually, I think it may require a higher shipping cost if it is sent to China
  9. I have become very lazy recently. I should have shown you the German defense buildings in Qingdao earlier. This was taken by the WW1 Museum
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