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  1. 右边的第三枚奖牌看起来像符腾堡的卡尔(Karl ofWürttemberg)诞辰25周年 The third medal on the right looks like Karl of Württemberg’s 25th birthday
  2. Dear Mr. X, I have another question. . I don’t think you would mind if I ask you questions in the middle of someone else’s article (I hope the author doesn’t mind either...) Regarding the St. Stanislav order. If the winner is an Asian, but he is a Christian, then his order center pattern is "SS" or "double-headed eagle"?
  3. I still think the order of the Korean Empire is very good. . But I can't afford it. Latvians sold them
  4. I seem to see a miniature breast star ordered by the Republic of Korea military, but it may not be
  5. Is the sitting black man at the top of the elephant a symbol of strength and wisdom?
  6. I drink tea every day (Chinese tea), I used to buy Sri Lankan black tea at the fair before, it was great! I have been reluctant to drink them all. . The tea I’m talking about is just brewing water, not adding other substancesI
  7. 果然是战斗民族 Dear Mr. Denmark, I also want to ask a question that has troubled me for a long time. There are no elephants in Denmark, and no blacks (Moors). Why did Denmark set it as the most advanced order?
  8. I just want to know if there is a gap between D and O. Is it due to damage or workmanship? do you know?
  9. Please help me identify whether it is a defect in workmanship? Thank you
  10. Dear Mr. X of Japan, I would like to ask you another topic about the order of St. Stanislav. I saw a breast star with a space between the letters D and O, and other milk stars with a space between O and I. I want to know if this is caused by craftsmanship?Or is it because it was damaged? The seller said this order was made by Edward's factory
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