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  1. Thank you for your answers. PS I like your medal bar very much, I am learning to collect from you, but only a few of the high-grade medals I have collected are enamel, and the rest are made of copper, iron and silver. .
  2. Thank you Mr. Dedehansen for your answer. So, should the doctor get the sword-free order? (Non-military version)
  3. Many years ago, I collected a Zilingen order and included a paper bag with text on it, but I couldn’t understand its font. . In China, if these characters cannot be clearly seen, they can be called "ghost painting symbols". Then I want to ask the people here, what does it mean? Thank you Confusing!
  4. I also have the Italian Crown Order, but the commander level and the breast star are not the same period, the commander looks like the end of WW2
  5. Dear Mr. Laurentius, are you not buying German medals and orders anymore? Sometimes I encounter a badge I like, so I temporarily give up my focus and take some side roads. .
  6. I think you must have misunderstood what I mean, the breast star and the order of the cross do not belong to the same person. I just show the two Albert orders that I have
  7. Gentlemen, I received a Saxon Albert order awarded to a Japanese major on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. The owner was called "Kumataro Oyagi". He accompanied the Prince of Saxony to Japan in 1909, and then followed him to the German colony in Asia, which is my hometown Qingdao, and obtained this order in 1911. But it’s a pity that I didn’t find a picture of him, but I found another Japanese to get a picture of Albert What makes me sad is the slight injury on the back at 9 o'clock. . The breast star order does not belong to this Japanese. . Mark "S
  8. 我不知道英文怎么说,但是指挥官勋章是桑给巴尔苏丹国的“耀眼之星”勋章 I don’t know how to say it in English, but the Commander’s order is the "Dazzling Star" order of the Sultanate of Zanzibar German colonial soldiers who received the order of the Zanzibar Sultanate
  9. Commander-level Isabella Catholic Order The following order I think is not Zellingen, but Russian Saint Ana
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