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  1. Dear Mr. Karlo,A few days ago I saw a photo of the German navy that you posted to get the breast star order from Orange-Nassau in the Netherlands. I didn’t save it. I can’t find that article. Can you? Send me again?
  2. I especially like the photos you send. As for the questions you ask, sometimes I can only answer you in Chinese, but I think you will not understand them.
  3. Sorry I just read this article. 吕玉兰 This person’s name = Lv Yulan (In modern people’s opinion, it is a commonly used name for women, but in ancient China, Lan also means "junzi") 流芳百世=This idiom is often seen on Chinese tombstones. It probably means "passed on for a long time, a hundred generations = a hundred centuries", similar to a western epitaph 直隶=A province in the Qing Dynasty, probably located in Beijing, Hebei, and Shandong together 沧州=The hometown of martial arts in China, with strong folk customs
  4. The photo is reversed. . . 中华国直隶省顺天府通州城襄康永山在法国四万七千零九十一号(47091) It probably means that Tongzhou City, Shuntianfu (an institution of the Qing Dynasty in China) in Zhili Province of China (a province in the Qing Dynasty where the capital is located). Name? (Didn't understand the meaning) Address in France. hope this helps.
  5. Wow! Great photo. This general also received the Romanian crown and Grand Cross order. I need a picture without a red circle! Thank you
  6. On October 10, 1898, Raidel was in China and received the third-class and third-class Ssangyong order issued by the Qing Dynasty. But I never saw him wear it. So I want to ask if you know this
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