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  1. I wonder if you awarded a medal or order in Germany or in any other country? I will release my set of bars in the Austro-Hungarian column. From the front, this is a set of ordinary bars, but the back is full of surprises! This is the first time I get a longer Austro-Hungarian badge bar
  2. What an amazing topic! But I am more curious. Why did the Alexander Order he gained have double swords?And his medal bar was a lot wrong. .
  3. It's been 11 years, and the poster came here for the last time in 2017. .
  4. Envy you have such a big room to show them
  5. You are one of the most enthusiastic people I have met in the forum
  6. Great medal bar! very beautiful! Memorial significance is also valuable
  7. In fact, I also thought that you could answer my question, and it came true! I would also like to ask you another question. Is there a difference between the versions of the Spanish naval military orders? Do you have a website or picture to recommend? Thank you
  8. I feel that this group of bars needs three thousand euros. . Please note if the Prussian Crown Order is injured
  9. Dear collector, this is the first time I have posted a question in this area. I went through some old posts and found that the winner of the Maria Teresa medal also received the Royal Spanish Tribute Medal, which I think is very beautiful! Does anyone know what is the criteria for obtaining this medal?If anyone knows why this person got it, so much the better. Thank you
  10. 大阪(?)市爱日国民学校之印=Imprint of the "Love Day School" in Osaka 满洲事变=It was a war of aggression against China deliberately created and launched by Japan in the northeast of China on the night of September 18, 1931, and the beginning of Japanese imperialist invasion of China
  11. Thank you for your answer. Can you show me pictures of the badges issued before the WW1 war?
  12. Dear sir, I have a question. The physical fitness medal was established in 1913. Has it been awarded in WW1? I haven't seen any of the photos in 1918. .
  13. Great topic! Allow me to continue. . Post a badge bar that is not in my collection. Medal of Isabella of the Kingdom of Spain. . I have only seen silver, does copper really exist? Carol I of the Kingdom of Romania for 40 years in power. It is strange that this group of bars does not have a centenary of William I Vatican Pilgrim Cross Medal (issued during 1900-1950) Memorial medal for the Messina earthquake in Italy in 1908. Most of the winners were navies and participated in rescue operations. This group of bars is in the hands of the Austrian auctioneer, does it rule out that it is Imperial fakes? I have reason to think that the number of medals in the middle is Wurttemberg Brave Medal
  14. Dear collectors, I have a friend who is selling this lovely "chain", but I don't know what the last medal is. Can someone answer it for me? It is best to have large size medals. The back looks like an angel holding a donut in his hand. .
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