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  1. I am trying to trace the origin and history of Gunner John MASON - Royal Foot Artillery, a recipient of the Waterloo Medal (Capt Hutchesson's Company) although I believe he was not at that battle. Any help in determining where he came from and what exactly he did participate in to warrant the medal (or any others for that matter) would be most appreciated. Kind regards, Ian
  2. Hi Cazak, I would be grateful if you could take a look at my website and identify whether or not you have any of the NZEF medals that are listed as either Lost or Found? (www.medalsreunitednz.co.nz/LOST + FOUND). No pressure to sell, but purely to know if any of the said missing medals are in existence and if so, the descendants who listed can forego local searches. Many thanks. Regards, Ian Martyn Director MRNZ
  3. I recently came into the possession of a medal named to Gunner John Mason, Royal Foot Artillery. Mason appears to be the only "Gunner" whilst there is another in the RFA who I believe was a Driver. My problem is difficulty in having a that is not unusual, finding the origins of this particular chap has not been easy so far. Further, this soldier was assigned to the Artillery Reserves and so did not participate at Waterloo. I have found sources that site him as being a member of both Capt Courtenay Ilbert and Capt Thomas Hutchesson's detachments. On the original Rolls, I find him only with Capt Hutchesson's Detachment. References to Ilbert's Company indicate that Det was involved with moving ammunition from ?? to the Artillery Reserve in prep for the final battle?? I have found a ref regarding Hutchesson being employed on garrison duties but when and where I am unsure as there is so much conflicting info. I can also find no indication whether Hutchesson's company had participated in either Ligney or Quatre Bras? So, in summary I request the assistance of the Artillery experts of the forum to help with the following please: 1. I have enlistment dates for Gunner John Mason ranging from: Aug 1793, Feb 1810, Dec 1810, Apr 1813 and 1815. Gnr Mason is referenced in Dec 1810 with Hutchesson's Company and in 1813, Hutchesson's Company, 3rd Battalion, Royal Foot Arty. Is it possible to isolate my Gunner Mason as to when and where he enlisted, his age and home /parents at enlistment, etc?. 2. If that can be confirmed, I would then hope to find out when and where Mason served from enlistment to discharge. There are references to the Peninsula Wars however not being able to date or positively identify him, I cannot pin down how he was employed (boy or man), where he was employed, and when in fact he was eventually discharged - again several possibilities in the Chelsea Hosp records but that is about all. This period of mil history is completely outside of my understanding and so I am a bit of a duck out with regard what records are available to help me in this. Given the conflicting info I have to date, I can not tell which is reliable and that which is not. I would be most grateful for any assistance. Regards, Ian Website: Medals Reunited New Zealand
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