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  1. Musketiii, Your comments about fine workmanship and embroidering skills have highlighted the main reason I love collecting military garments from this era. One must realise that in those pre-television and other modern fad days, young women engaged in needlework as a matter of course. There was an ethic in society that you had to be gainfully occupied. Since WW2, needlework slowly became less of a priority for the modern lass. Post-WW2, Australia was a popular destination for displaced Europeans who brought their skills with them. I know that many women embroiderers worked for the (then) Commonwealth Clothing Factory in Melbourne that supplied uniforms and insignia to our armed forces and police. Today such insignia is produced in Asia due to domestic labour costs. Regards, Mike S.
  2. Paul, I hope my middle-age eyes aren't playing tricks but the admin "major's" boards look brown to me. Are you sure he isn't in a signals related profession? The colour isn't anything like that of the tabs posted by Gary B. Regards, Mike S.
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