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    Collect Wehrmacht uniforms and loose insignia. Particularly interested in straps and boards.
  1. I'm an old geezer, so no web site. Might be something I'll do to kill time when (if?) I ever retire. Would need to take a lot better photos than these though. I will eventually post most of it here. (BTW, I'm saving some of the best for last.)
  2. The left sleeve has Petty Officer Career & Rank Badge for an Artillerie-Mechanikersmaat (Artillery Mechanic Petty Officer 3rd Class). Below that is a Specialist Badge for an Elektrotechnik Lehrgang II (Electrical Motor Specialist Training Level II).
  3. Here's a Kriegsmarine private purchase pea coat (uberzieher), made of high quality doe skin. The collar tabs indicate the rank of Maat (Petty Officer 3rd Class).
  4. And this is how I know which unit the owner was assigned to. At the inside of the lower-right is this ink stamp. A bit hard to see in the photo, but it reads 'Gepr?ft' over 'W. Rem.-Sch. X.'
  5. Here's a private purchase Waffenrock for a Kavallerie Unteroffizier (Cavalry Corporal) of the Wehrkreis X Remonteschule (Military Area X Remounting School). Wehrkreis X is Hamburg. The other possibile unit would be a Cavalry Corps headquarters. (See below for further on that.) Tunic came with piped stone-grey trousers.
  6. Here's a service tunic for a Stabszahlmeister (Paymaster Captain) of the Heer Beamte (Army Officials).
  7. Here's a greatcoat for an Obermaschinist (Engine Room Chief Petty Officer). I got this piece from Jack Angolia. It's pictured in Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms and Traditions, Volume 3 , page 436.
  8. Hard to see, but the device on the shoulder board is a winged artillery shell.
  9. Well, how about a little Kriesmarine stuff? This tunic is a Weisser Rock neuer Art (New Pattern White Tunic) that was introduced 3 December 1937. It is the second pattern white tunic, the first pattern having a standing collar. It's for a Leutnant der Marineartillerie. (And yes, the picture really sucks... )
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