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      Collect Wehrmacht uniforms and loose insignia. Particularly interested in straps and boards.

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    1. I'm an old geezer, so no web site. Might be something I'll do to kill time when (if?) I ever retire. Would need to take a lot better photos than these though. I will eventually post most of it here. (BTW, I'm saving some of the best for last.)
    2. The left sleeve has Petty Officer Career & Rank Badge for an Artillerie-Mechanikersmaat (Artillery Mechanic Petty Officer 3rd Class). Below that is a Specialist Badge for an Elektrotechnik Lehrgang II (Electrical Motor Specialist Training Level II).
    3. Here's a Kriegsmarine private purchase pea coat (uberzieher), made of high quality doe skin. The collar tabs indicate the rank of Maat (Petty Officer 3rd Class).
    4. And this is how I know which unit the owner was assigned to. At the inside of the lower-right is this ink stamp. A bit hard to see in the photo, but it reads 'Gepr?ft' over 'W. Rem.-Sch. X.'
    5. Here's a private purchase Waffenrock for a Kavallerie Unteroffizier (Cavalry Corporal) of the Wehrkreis X Remonteschule (Military Area X Remounting School). Wehrkreis X is Hamburg. The other possibile unit would be a Cavalry Corps headquarters. (See below for further on that.) Tunic came with piped stone-grey trousers.
    6. Here's a service tunic for a Stabszahlmeister (Paymaster Captain) of the Heer Beamte (Army Officials).
    7. Here's a greatcoat for an Obermaschinist (Engine Room Chief Petty Officer). I got this piece from Jack Angolia. It's pictured in Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms and Traditions, Volume 3 , page 436.
    8. Hard to see, but the device on the shoulder board is a winged artillery shell.
    9. Well, how about a little Kriesmarine stuff? This tunic is a Weisser Rock neuer Art (New Pattern White Tunic) that was introduced 3 December 1937. It is the second pattern white tunic, the first pattern having a standing collar. It's for a Leutnant der Marineartillerie. (And yes, the picture really sucks... )
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