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  1. Medal"Veteran of Chemical Disarmament"' Medal "For Active Participation in Chemical Disarmament"' Medal "For Contributions to Chemical Disarmament"'
  2. Finally found the regulations for these!!! From August 2014. Awarded to military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and to military personnel of foreign armed forces who ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the annual WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TANK BIATHLON. This is the approved reduction medal for wear on the uniform as detailed in the official event regulations. The medal presented for the competition is of the same design but 60mm in diameter and hangs from a white 32mm wide neck ribbon.
  3. Been a long time since I found a real state award for sale... And actually winning the auction... Jubilee Medal "100 Years of the Trans-Siberian Railway" 1901-2001. Awarded to employees of the railways who worked flawlessly in the industry for 20 years or more, as well as other citizens who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Trans-Siberian railway.
  4. Some more badges recently seen for sale or up for auction.
  5. Wow... Just wow... I feel so inept... Great great work as usual.
  6. Established by order 342 on 18 June 2015 (I completely missed this one)... The gold badge is awarded to the winner of the annual contest "Best Young Scientist of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation", the silver badge goes to the two second place winners and the bronze to the three third place winners.
  7. Apparently this trend is here to stay... A new Defence Ministry medal for being part of a parade, this time, for a naval review. Just established in 2017 by ministerial order 360, Medal "Participant in the Main Naval Parade" (Медаль «За участие В Главном военно-морском параде»). Minister Shoigu is reviving the large anual naval reviews, this year's gatherings of warships will take place on July 30th (Day of the Navy) in multiple port cities of the Russian Federation. (LINK TO REF)
  8. So I should stop divulging my research and let the CIA err? I don't think it'll be necessary, Trump will probably abolish it any day now...
  9. I usually try to avoid such comments but the last few months have shown me such personal restraint is stupid... The 4 latest medals of the Russian Defence Ministry are made for generals... - 24 Nov 2016 - Order 770 - Medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation" for 25 years of service if previously awarded higher ministerial or state decorations (not specifically for senior and flag officers but they'll all get it). - 30 Nov 2016 - Order 780 - Medal "Marshal of the Soviet Union A.M. Vasilevsky" awarded specifically to officers of the General Staff... - 10 May 2
  10. TacHel

    Moving up

    Absolutely stunning|
  11. WOW! Now there's something you don't see everyday!!
  12. My bosses would L-O-O-O-O-V-E to get a phone call from the Russian consulate informing them I was being decorated by them... I'd probably lose my security clearance and get water boarded! Oh by the way... Have a looksee here: CLICK HERE TO WIKI PAGE Actually, it's pretty much the same in the USA... Look at the different service awards then add all of the states' National Guard awards, ROTC, etc... Those 2 countries really do love their bling!
  13. I'll be honest with you... I almost started crying when I saw this... I'm seriously considering going back to collecting beer labels!
  14. A preview of more to come, these are the new long service awards for 10, 15 and 20 years of service within the new Russian National Guard. A few more... Left - Medal "For Valour" 2nd class (the 1st class is gilt and with a single central red stripe in the blue half of the ribbon. Center - Medal "Veteran of Service" for 25 years of service. Right - Medal "For the Promotion of the National Guard"
  15. I just secured 6 of the new awards... They'll be in the mail tomorrow.
  16. It was just a matter of time. Following the dissolution of the Internal Troops (VV MVD) and establishment of the Russian National Guard on April 5, 2016 by decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 157, new departmental awards were created by Order of the National Guard of Russia № 50 of February 14, 2017. I'm presently translating the lenghty document and am already at work producing a new Wiki page. Here's a teaser below... Above - Honoured Fellow of the National Guard of Russia (highest departmental award). Left - Medal "For Distinction in Combat". Center -
  17. Ah! You haven't seen anything yet! Have a looksee at my latest update... And those are the ones I'm 100% sure of. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awards_and_emblems_of_the_Ministry_of_Defence_of_the_Russian_Federation#Decorations_.22For_Merit.22
  18. It seems every department of the Defence Ministry is now awarding decorations "For Merit" (to WOs and officers) and "For Distinction" (to Cpls, Sgts and M/Sgts). Here are my last 2 arrivals from the Armoured Automotive Management. Established in February 2014. They might look a bit plasticky, but are all metal and enamels.
  19. Well... Not only have I found the establishment order... I actually received some decorations... See photo below. The 2 lower ones (also in my previous post) are Decorations "For Merit in the Destruction of Chemical Weapons", bronze and silver grades. Established on 24 July 2004 by order 131 of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation. I have still to find the integral order. The coloured beads seem weird for an official military award but heh... I wonder if the colours have any significance to chemical weapons' disposal? White-blue-red... Any ideas out there?
  20. They have very few Army Generals (4 star US equivalent)... Even defense minister Shoigu is only an Army General... The service commanders are only colonel-generals (Lt-Gen)... For a few years the commander of the air force was only a major-general.
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